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  2. Motivation
    • The psychology of motivation is concerned with the whys of behavior
    • - We use the terms hypothetical state because motives are not seen or measured.
  3. What are motives?
    • Are hypothetical states that activation behavior, propelling one toward goals.
    • -We use term 'hypothetical state' because motives are not seen or measured. 

  4. What are needs?
    A state of deprivation.
  5. What are drives?
    A condition of arousal in an organism that is associated with a need.
  6. What are incentives?
    An object or situation perceived as capable of satisfying a need or as desirable for its own sake.
  7. What are species- specific behaviors?
    • Instinctive behaviors that are found in particular species. 
    • Aka instincts or fixed-action pattern (FAPs)
  8. Instincts
    • Such behavior patterns are inborn, meaning that they are genetically transmitted from generation to generation.
    • -Are designed to reach certain goals. 
  9. Drive-reduction Theory
    The view that organisms learn to engage in behaviors that have the effect of reducing drives.
  10. Primary Drives
    • Unlearned, or physiological drives.
    • Ex: hunger, thirst, avoidance of pain
  11. Acquired drives
    • Drives through experience or that are learned.
    • - Ex: acquire a drive for money enables us to obtain food, drink, and homes, which protect us from predators and extremes of temp.
  12. Homeostasis
    Tendency of the body to maintain a steady sate.
  13. Stimulus motive
    A state within an organism that propels it toward increasing the amount of stimulation it obtains.
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