Psych midterm pt 3

  1. validity
    he relative accuracy or corectness of the statement
  2. internal validity
    the extent to which a set of research findings provides compelling information about causality
  3. external validity
    the extent to which a set of research findings provides an accurate description of what typically happens in the real world
  4. construct validity
    the extent to which the independant and dependant variables in a study truely represents the abstract, hypothetical variables of interest to the researcher
  5. conceptual validity
    how well a specific research hypothesis maps onto the border theory that it was designed to test
  6. reliability
    the consistancy or repeatability of a measure of observation
  7. test-retest reliability
    measuring a group of individuals at one time and then having them come back a second time to take the test again
  8. internal consistancy
    the approach to assessing validity
  9. internal-rate reliability
    the degree to which different judges independantly agree upon observation or judgement
  10. covariation
    for one variable to cause another, changes in one variable must correspond with changes in the other
  11. nominal scales
    meaningful but potentially arbitrary nonnumerical names or catagories
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Psych midterm pt 3
Psych midterm pt 3