Latin i-m

  1. idem
    eadem, idem, the same, same
  2. ignis
    -is, m., fire, flame
  3. ille
    illa, illud, that//he, she, it
  4. immanis
    immane, huge, monstrous, enormous
  5. imperium
    -i, n., command, power, dominion, rule
  6. imus
    -a, -um, lowest
  7. in
    + abl. = on, in among// + acc = into, against, until, toward
  8. infelix
    infelicis, unfortunate, accursed, unhappy, ill-omened
  9. inferus
    -a, -um, low, below, underneath
  10. ingens
    ingentis, enormous, mighty, huge
  11. inter
    + acc., between, among, during
  12. ipse
    ipsa, ipsud, -self, the very
  13. ira
    -ae, f., wrath, anger, rage
  14. is
    ea, id, this, that, he she, it
  15. Italia
    -ae, f. Italy
  16. iam
    now, already
  17. iubeo
    iubere, iussi, iussus, command, order, bid, enjoin
  18. iuno
    Iunonis, f., Juno
  19. iuppiter
    Iovis, m., Juppiter
  20. labor
    labi, lapsus sum, slip, slide glide
  21. labos/labor
    laboris, m., labor, hardship, toil, task
  22. lacrima
    -ae, f., tear, compassion
  23. laetus
    -a, -um, happy, fertile
  24. limen
    liminis, n., threshold, doorway, entrance
  25. litus
    litoris, n., shore, strand, coast
  26. locus
    loci, m., place, region
  27. longus
    -a, -um, long, wide, distant
  28. lumen
    luminis, n., light, lamp, eye, life
  29. lux
    lucis, f., light, sunm day, life ,glory
  30. magnus
    -a, -um, great, large, noble
  31. maior
    maius, greater, larger
  32. maneo
    manere, mansi, mansus, remain, abide, linger, stay
  33. manus
    -us, f., hand, band, troop
  34. mare
    maris, n., sea
  35. mater
    matris, f. mother
  36. maximus
    -a, -um, greatest, largest
  37. medius
    -a, -um, middle
  38. mens
    mentis, f., mind, intention
  39. meus
    -a, -um, mine
  40. miser
    -era, -erum, miserable, unhappy, wretched
  41. mitto
    mittere, misi, missus, send, hurl, dismiss, let go, end
  42. moenia
    -ium,, walls, fortifications
  43. mons
    montis, m., mountain
  44. mors
    mortis, f., death, destruction, ruin
  45. moveo
    movere, movi, motus, move, plunder
  46. multus
    -a, -um, much, many, abundant
  47. munus
    muneris, n., function, duty, gift
  48. ignarus
    -a, -um, ignorant, unaware, unsuspecting
  49. imago
    imaginis, f., image, likeness, ghost
  50. impello
    -ere, -puli, -pulsum, drive, impel, urge on
  51. impleo
    -ere, -evi, -etum, fill up
  52. impono
    -ponere, -posui, -positum, place on, set over, impose
  53. inanis
    -e, empty, vacant, void, useless
  54. incendo
    -ere, -cendi, -censum, set on fire, excite
  55. incipio
    -ere, -cepi, -ceptum, begin
  56. inde
    (adv) then, thereupon, thence
  57. inquam
    (defective verb) I say
  58. insignis
    -e, marked, distinguished, remarkable, significant
  59. interea
    (adv) meanwhile, in the meantime
  60. iter
    itineris, n., road, journey
  61. iterum
    (adv) again, a second time
  62. iaceo
    -ere, iacui, iacitum, lie
  63. iacto
    -are, -avi, -atus, throw, toss (about), hurl, boast
  64. iugum
    -i, n., yoke, ridge
  65. iungo
    -ere, iunxi, iunctum, join
  66. iuvenis (noun)
    -is, m/f, a youth, a young person
  67. iuvenis (adj)
    -is, e, young, youthful
  68. iuvo
    iuvare, iuvi, iutum, help, please
  69. iuxta (adv)
    near, nearby
  70. iuxta (prep)
    + acc., near, next to
  71. laevus
    -a, -um, left, unfavorable
  72. lateo
    -ere, -ui, lie hid, be hidden, lurk
  73. latus (adj)
    -a, -um, broad, wide
  74. latus (noun)
    lateris, n., side, flank
  75. laus
    laudis, f., praise, glory
  76. lego
    legere, legi, lectus, gather, collect, select
  77. letum
    -i, n., death, ruin
  78. lecit
    (impersonal verb) licere, licuit (licitum est) it is permitted (+ subject infinitive)
  79. linquo
    -ere, liqui, lictum, leave, relinquish, abandon
  80. loquor
    loqui, locutus sum, speak, say
  81. lucos
    -i, m., grove
  82. lustro
    -are, -avi, -atus, purify, cleanse, illumine, sprinkle
  83. maestus
    -a, -um, sorrowful, sad, dejected
  84. malus
    -a, -um, bad, evil, wicked
  85. manes
    -ium,, ghost, spirit
  86. membrum
    -i, n., limb, member
  87. memoro
    (1) recall, recount
  88. mensa
    -ae, f., table
  89. mereo
    merere, merui, meritus, deserve, merit
  90. metus
    -us, m., fear, dread
  91. misceo
    -ere, -ui, mixtum, mix, mingle
  92. miseror
    -ari, miseratus sum, pity, commiserate
  93. modus
    -i, m., measure, manner, way
  94. moles
    -is, f., mass, heap, structure
  95. monstro
    (1) show, demonstrate, teach
  96. monstrum
    -i, n., omen, monster
  97. mora
    -ae, f., delay, hindrance
  98. morior
    mori, mortuus sum, die
  99. moror
    morari, moratus sum, delay, hinder
  100. mos
    moris, m., custom, manner
  101. murus
    -i, m., wall
  102. muto
    (1) change, alter
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