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  1. yes, it influences people but not directly / use media at different times
    uses and gratifications
  2. stimulus response model
    • short term
    • single message - individual reciever - reaction
    • response: implies interaction with reciever and also learning process
    • reaction: implies no choice or interaction on part of reciever
  3. collective reatsion
    war of the worlds
  4. campaign
    • clear aims
    • intense and wide
    • several channels
    • short time span
    • collective sponsorship
    • shared values
    • open to assessment
  5. social constructivist approach
    • newer
    • media construct social formation by framing reality
  6. process where mass media creates set of social norms and behaviors by which individual members of society are expected to construct their own identities. learn how to interact through media
  7. can't control people by force, must control what people think
    chomsky's propaganda model
  8. company owning and managing several unrelated operations / creating media brand
    conglomeration and synergy
  9. firm attempt to have as large a % in idustry output as possible
    horizontal integration
  10. the merging together of 2 businesses that are at different stages of production (sumer market - farm)
    vertical integration
  11. horiz and vert effects?
    • commercially driven media
    • lack of diversity
    • slower innovation
    • sensoring views
  12. humans are storytellers / different than giving an argument / helps understand the world
    narrative paradigm
  13. objective truthful message
    transmission model
  14. constitute a community and reaffirm shared values
    ritual model
  15. complaints about press?
    • event driven
    • negative
    • detached
    • official
  16. educational and objective
    information journalism
  17. watchdog role
    investigation journalism
  18. goes beyond giving info (explains)
    analysis journalism
  19. link private troubles with public issues
    social empathy journalism
  20. letter to editor / op-ed piece
    fublic forum journalism
  21. partisan / advocacy journalism
    mobilization journalism
  22. teach how democracy works
    political teacher journalism
  23. serious news programming that is timely and objective
    hard news
  24. info entertainment with some concern for disseminating news
    soft news
  25. evening news / new hour / cobert report / saturday night live
  26. emphasizingdramatic and sensational human interest stories, intended primarily to appeal to an entratinment-seeking audience
    cheap framing
  27. one means of minimizing the cost associated with paying attention to low benefit political information might be to attach to low cost entertainment-oriented info
  28. put the question to the people and let them vote
  29. officials take note to expressed preferences of citizens but put them through an analytic filter to produce optimal results
    elite representation
  30. giving priorities to alternative policy issues. influence both the public and policy. "not what to think but what to think about
    agenda setting
  31. limitation of agenda setting
    • media cred
    • conflicting evidence
    • individual with different news values
    • competition
  32. the way in which media by highlighting some aspects of an event or issue and ignoring others can influence how people think about an issue
  33. convey
    defines problem
  34. interpret
    diagnose causes
  35. evaluate
    suggest remedies
  36. define effects / donditions as problematic / identify causes / convey moral judgement / endorse remedies and improvements
    substantive framing
  37. suggests evals of political leaders based on techniques, success and representativeness
    procedural framing
  38. controlled by elite and frame becomes norm
  39. media shows how elite compete over frame
  40. admisistration / other elites / media / news / public
    cascade model
  41. public opinion problems?
    • wording of polls
    • sampling errors
    • nonresponse errors
    • knowledge distribution
  42. cannot grab a certain sample of people (no phone)
    sampling error
  43. no matter how hard you try to sample, some peope are uncomfortable responding
    non-responding error
  44. actually happens in world
    Public Affairs
  45. images in your head (personal)
    public opinion
  46. distorted view of idea due to many personal images
    Public Opinion
  47. dialogue takes place in between 2 polls, people opinions change significantly
    deliberative polling
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