psych midterm notes 1

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  1. barnum effect
    when somenone attributes a generalized pernality description as their own, when really it could be attributed to anyone
  2. father of psychology
    wilhelm wundt; was the father of psychology because he was the first to create a experimental research lab for psychology
  3. Metaphysical systems(supernatural): Animism
    berlief that a natural phenomenon are alive and influence behavior
  4. Metaphysical systems(supernatural): Astrology
    human behavior is determined by the activity of celestial bodies
  5. Philosophy
    the study of knowledge, behavior, and the nature of reality by making use of logic, intuition, and empirical observation
  6. Philosophy: Positivism
    19th century philosophers come to value observation in theories of knowledge and human behavior(based only on observation made absolute certainly)
  7. Philosophy: Physiology andf the physical sciences
    the study of the functions of and interactions between different parts of the brain and body
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