Health Assessment-Ears

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  1. annulus
    outer fibrous rim encircling the eardrum
  2. atresia
    congenital absence or closure of ear canal
  3. cerumen
    yellow, waxy material that lubricates and protects the ear canal
  4. cochlea
    inner ear structure containing the central hearing apparatus
  5. eustachian tube
    connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx and allows passage of air
  6. helix
    superior posterior free rim of the pinna
  7. incus
    "anvil" middle of the 3 ossicles of the middle ear
  8. malleus
    hammer, first of the 3 ossicles of the middle ear
  9. mastoid
    bony prominence of the skull located just behind the ear
  10. organ of Corti
    sensory organ of hearing
  11. otalgia
    pain in the ear
  12. Otitis externa
    inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal
  13. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear and tympanic membrane
  14. otorrhea
    discharge from the ear
  15. pars flaccida
    small, slack superior section of tympanic membrane
  16. pars tensa
    thick, taut, central/inferior section of tympanic membrane
  17. pinna
    auricle, or outer ear
  18. stapes
    stirrup, inner of the 3 ossicles of the middle ear
  19. tinnitus
    ringing in the ears
  20. tympanic membrane
    eardrum, thin translucent, oval membrane that stretches across the ear canal and separates the middle ear from the outer ear
  21. umbo
    knob of the malleus that shows through the tympanic memebrance
  22. vertigo
    a spinning, twirling sensation
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