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  1. the struggle of individuals within a community who must negotiate the governing of who gets what, when, where, and how. It encompasses governmental institutions and social practices
  2. - written by james madison
    - drafted after virginia model
    - congress, executive, judicial, states, amendments, supreme law, ratification
  3. a government in which a scheme of representation takes place (constitution)
  4. counting and assessment of citizens preferences
    aggregative democracy
  5. government by the people / soverign power resides in the people as whole and exercised directly by them or by elected officers / all have equal rights (mob)
  6. reasoned discussion b/w all citizens resulting in an aggrement based on citizenship
    deliberative democracy
  7. explicity directed by represented do the wishes of their constitutency
  8. rep have interpretive indiscretion / good deal of automony
  9. human use of symbols, both language and non language within a context to influence or persuade others
    rhetoric (aristotle)
  10. why is rhetoric bad?
    • no action or substance
    • plays on emotions
  11. elements of rhetoric?
    • use of symbols
    • human enterprise
    • persuasion influence
    • audience centered
    • situational
  12. what are signs?
    combination of signifier and signified
  13. cause / association (smoke and fire)
  14. resemblance (portrait)
  15. agreement or convention (stop sign)
  16. "the art of using language to help people narrow their choices among specifiable if no specified policy options"
    hart and daughton
  17. - the theory or scienve of the method or grounds of knowledge
    - world is constructed through interactions between people
  18. a notion of applying some sort of knowledge to some sort of text
  19. a critics single most important tool?
    clear, concise question
  20. critical standards
    • utilitarian
    • artistic
    • moral
    • scientific
    • historical
    • psychological
    • political
  21. critical attitudes?
    • skeptical
    • discerning
    • imaginative
    • bold
  22. how is democracy and citizenship political?
    activity that has the intent or affect of influencing government action directly or indirectly
  23. VAP?
    voting age population
  24. VEP
    voting eligible population
  25. connections among individuals - social networks and norm of repiprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them
    social capital
  26. exclusive / limited membership / members benefits come first
  27. outward focused / open membership / good society comes first
  28. citizens have right to be informed / diversity of opinion is good for democracy
    political interest
  29. how are ways you can transfer info?
    • 1 to 1
    • many to 1
    • 1 to many (mass media)
    • many to many
  30. effects
    casual relationship
  31. effectiveness
    ability to attain intended purpose
  32. affect
  33. have powerful pull and direct effect
    hypodermic needle
  34. influences certain people who go out and effect others INDIRECTLY
    secondary effect
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