85ºC Cake Test!

  1. Black forest
    • Cake: chocolate sponge cake with cherry filling.  
    • Decorated: fresh cream and chocolate shavings
    • *Hint of alcohol
  2. Chocolate Strawberry
    • Cake: chocolate flavored cake with cherry filling.  
    • Decorated: chcolate flakes, chocolate cream, fresh strawberries
  3. Strawberry Cream
    • Cake: vanilla sponge cake layered with strawberry mousse and vanilla custard
    • Decorated: fresh cream, strawberries, toasted sliced almonds
  4. Tiramisu
    • Cake: traditional Italian dessert layered with light mascarpone cheese and coffee flavored lady fingers
    • Decorated: fresh strawberries, chocolate pecan, sugar, cocoa powder
    • *Hint of alcohol
  5. Strawberry Tiramisu
    • Cake: Traditional tiramisu
    • Decorated: strawberry mousse
  6. Cream Cheesecake
    • Cake: 85C style cheesecake with raisins and cocoanut shavings
    • Decorated: fresh fruits
  7. Blueberry cheesecake
    creamy cheescake with blueberry swirls
  8. Truffle
    • Cake: Austrian sacher cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze
    • *Hint of alcohol
  9. Coffee Creme Brulee
    • Cake: coffee sponge cake layered with vanilla brûlée and coffee mousse
    • Decoration: chocolate shavings and caramel glazed mixed nuts
  10. Strawberry Cadina
    Cake: cadina cake filled with strawberry mousse and topped with fresh strawberries
  11. Chocolate cookie crumble
    • Cake: Chocolate mousse cake topped with oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate pieces, fresh cream, and strawberries
    • *Hint of alcohol
  12. Coffee Creme Brulee
    • Cake: Traditional creme Brûlée with caramel and milk custard
    • Decoration: coffee glaze and fresh strawberry
  13. Mango Panna Cotta
    • Cake: italian style dessert mango flavored panna cotta.
    • Decoration: fresh mango
  14. White Chocolate Strawberry
    • Cup: white chocolate mousse mixed with sponge cake and strawberry filling. 
    • Decoration: fresh strawberry and cream
  15. French Fruit Tart
    Cup: crispy almond tart and fresh cream around many seasoned fresh fruits
  16. Strawberry Panna Cotta
    • Cake: italian style dessert strawberry flavored panna cotta
    • Decoration: fresh cream, strawberries, and blueberries
  17. Mango Cremem Brulee
    • Cake: vanilla sponge cake layered with vanilla brûlée and mango mousse
    • Decoration: fresh mango and strawberries, chocolate cream, fresh mango cream
  18. Fruit Jelly Cup
    • Cup: Japanese style kanten jelly (has no gelatin, low cholesterol, low sugar, high fiber, reduces low blood pressure, helps weight loss)
    • Topping: fresh diced kiwi, strawberry, and mango
    • *Hint of alcohol
  19. Mango Blossom
    • Cup: fresh mango creme places on vanilla sponge cake
    • Decoration: surrounded by fresh diced mango topped with lemon zest
  20. Taro Brulee
    • Cake: light chiffon layered with taro filling and vanilla brulee
    • Decoration: white chocolate and variety of fruits
  21. Cherry Cheesecake
    • Cake: 85C cheesecake with oreo crumble on bottom
    • Decoration: white chocolate and a variety of fresh fruits
  22. Orange Breeze
    • Cake: Orange and chocolate mousse layers
    • Decoration: fresh fruits
  23. Mango delight
    • Cake: Vanilla sponge cake surrounded by light mango yogurt mousse
    • Decoration: mango sauce, fresh raspberry, chocolate leaf
  24. Chocolate Pearl
    • Cake: chocolate chiffon cake surrounded by chocolate mousse
    • Decoration: chocolate glazing
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85ºC Cake Test!