Brady V2 Ch5

  1. Define communication.
    The process of exchanging information between individuals.
  2. What is the basic communication model?
    • Sender has an idea or message
    • Sender encodes the message
    • Sender sends the message
    • Receiver receivers the message
    • Receiver decodes the message
    • Receiver gives feedback to the sender
  3. What are semantics?
    Related to the meaning of words.
  4. What is the definition of radio frequency?
    The number of times per second a radio wave oscillates.
  5. What is a radio band?
    A range of radio frequencies.
  6. What is ultrahigh frequency (UHF)?
    Radio frequency band from 300 to 3000 megahertz.
  7. What is the chain of events in EMS response communications?
    • Detection and citizen access
    • Automatic collision notification
    • Call taking and emergency response
    • Prearrival instructions
    • Call coordination and incident recording
    • Discussion with medical direction
    • Transfer communications
    • Back in service, ready for the next call
  8. What is EMD?
    Emergency medical dispatch, the person who manages and EMS systems reponse and readiness.
  9. What is priority dispatching?
    A system that uses medically approved questions and predetermined guidelines to determine the appropriate level of response.
  10. What are prearrival instructions?
    A dispatchers instruction to the caller for appropriate emergency measures.
  11. What is a simplex communication system?
    One that transmits and receives on the same frequency.
  12. What is a duplex communication system?
    One that allows simultaneous two way communications by using two frequencies for each channel.
  13. What is a multiplex communication system?
    A duplex system that can transmit voice and data simultaneoulsy.
  14. What is the term trunking regarding radio communications?
    A communication system that pools all frequencies and routes transmissions to the next available frequency. It is in the 800 MHz range.
  15. Define slander.
    To orally defame another person.
  16. Define libel.
    To defame another person in writing.
  17. Regarding general radio procedures what is one very important aspect?
    Be consise in order to hold the attention of the person receiveing your radio report.
  18. Generally what information should be given in a verbal radio report about your patient to the hospital?
    • Id of the unit and provider
    • Description of the scene
    • Patients age, sex, & appx weight for drug orders
    • Patients chief complaint
    • Brief, pertinent history of the present illness (OPQRST)
    • Pertinent past medical history, medications, allergies (SAMPLE)
    • Pertinent physical exam findings
    • Treatment given so far/request for orders
    • ETA at hospital
    • Other pertinent information
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