History Midterm

  1. Aztecs
    • Part of mexican ethnic groups- Tenochtitlan
    • Believed in human sacrifices
    • Corn, was the main crop grown
    • Gained control by conquest
  2. Who conquered the Aztecs?
  3. Encomienda System
    A system under which officers of the Spanish conquistadores gained ownership of Indian land

    Basically made indians work for the spanish, similar to slaves
  4. Columbian Exchange
    The transatlantic flow of goods and people from different areas of the world.
  5. Indentured Servitude
    Settlers, usually English and German, who signed on for a temp. period of servitude to a master in exchange for passage to the New World (5-7 years)

    • -Many didn't survive to earn their "Freedom Dues"
    • -The New World was nothing like they expected
  6. Jamestown
    • -Site of first permanent settlement in 1607
    • -High death rate for new settlers
    • -Lack of food and supplies 
    • -Search for gold
    • -English and Natives traded goods for survival
  7. Pilgrims
    Puritan separatists who broke off from the Church of England on sailed to the new world in the Mayflower 

    • -Half died upon arrival
    • -Invited indians to a fest in celebration of their survival (First Thanksgiving)
  8. The Headright System
    A legal grant of land to settlers, usually between 1-1,000 acres. To help populate the land of the 13 colonies
  9. Ann Hutchingson
    • -Began holding meetings in her home
    • -Believed nearly all ministers in Mass. were guilty of faulty preaching.
    • -Claimed God spoke to her directly (violating the puritan doctrine) 
    • -Her and her followers were banished to Rhode Island
  10. Northwest Ordinance
    • Created territory north of the Ohio river and west of Pennsylvania. 
    • -Prohibited Slavery
    • -Established with Bill of Rights
    • -And established conditions for self-government (60,000 resident may petition for statehood)
  11. The Stono Rebellion
    • -Sept 1739
    • -Group of slaves from SC marched southward towards Flordia
    • -Burned barns and houses
    • -took the lives of about two dozen whites and nearly 200 slaves
    • -Some reached Flordia
  12. The Great Awakening
    • -A worldly revival of religious fundamentalism
    • -Created a desire for religious purity
  13. Sons Of Liberty
    A group formed to protect the rights of American Colonists. 

    -Primarily against taxes by the British government

    Played a major role in the Boston Tea Party
  14. Stamp Act
    One of the first major disputes between the colonies and the British. 

    -Colonies didn't agree with being taxed and cause turmoil
  15. Tea Act
    British government tried to enforce a tax on a large new body of imports from East India Company.

    • -Colonist felt that by paying these taxes, it would acknowledge Britain's right tax them
    • -Resistance in the ports 
    • -Dec 16 1773  a group of colonist boarded the ships and threw more than 300 chest of tea into the water. (BOSTON TEA PARTY)
  16. Boston Massacre
    1768, British troops were station in Boston due to rioting cause by the British seizure of the Liberty ship violating trade regulations.

    • -Massacre occurred when hostility grew in 1770. Leaving 5 Bostonians dead. 
    • -Most soldiers were acquitted of the crimes and two convicted of man slaughter. 
  17. Articles Of Confederation 
    • -The First written constitution  of the US
    • -Actions of Congress required consent of ALL states
    • -Gave US no taxing powers 
    • -Severely limited government 
    • -13 states retained individual "Sovereignty, freedom, and independence"
  18. Shays Rebellion 
    • - Daniel Shay
    • - Farmers  closed the courts to prevent seizure of their land for failure to pay taxes
    • -Armed riot
  19. Declaration of Independence 
    • - Written by Jefferson 1776
    • - Imposed taxing without consent
    • - Rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness 
    • - Governed by the people
  20. The Great Compromise 
    • Settled differences between the New Jersey and Virginia Plan. 
    • -Provided a bicameral legislature 
    • -House of reps based on population
    • -Each state given two delegates in senate 
    • -Counted 3/5 of slave population
  21. Bill of Rights
    • -1791
    • -First 10 Amendments to the constitution
    • -Guaranteed individual rights
    •   -Freedom of religion, speech, trial, bear arms ect
  22. The Republican Party
    • - Led by Madison and Jefferson
    • - More faith in democratic self government
    • - More critical of social and economic inequalities 
  23. Louisiana Purchase 
    • - Purchased from Thomas Jefferson 1803
    • - Bought from France
    • - Doubled the territory of the US
    • - Cost $15 Million 
  24. Salem Witch Trials 
    • Witches usually women who made a pact with the devil, used their their powers to harm others or interfere with natural processes. (dead crops or still borns)
    • - Tend to be women who were outspoken, older, independent, or away from their husbands
    • - Started when a group of girls started having fit and nightmares
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