BCA Midterm

  1. One way to set a hanging indent is to use the Paragraph dialog box; another way is to use the __________.
    horizontal ruler
  2. The amount of blank space between the lines in a document is referred to as __________.
    line spacing
  3. The word memo is short for _______________.
  4. If you find yourself using the word important repeatedly in a document and want to locate another word with the same meaning, __________ would probably be helpful.
  5. Click __________ in the Clipboard task pane to remove all items from the Office Clipboard.
    clear all
  6. The par of a business letter that contains complete sentences is the letter's ______.
  7. ____________ determines where text will appear when it is pasted into a document.
    the insertion point
  8. You have created a document that uses the term Hebert Hoover Highway over twenty times. You want to change every occurrence of this term to Hoover Highway. What would probably be most useful?
    find & replace dialog box
  9. If you were using the Spelling and Grammar dialog box to spell check a letter, what option would keep Word from flagging Armbruster's, the name of a business about which you are writing?
    ignore all
  10. In order to use the ______ command, you must first use the Find command.
  11. What would you use if you needed to determine what state the city of Cedar Rapids is in?
    research task pane
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BCA Midterm