Africa & Americas

  1. Where is the region of Nubia located
    Upper Nile
  2. Who did Nubia have a long interaction with
  3. Who did Nubia trade with
    Traded with Sub-Sahara Africa
  4. Where is Axum and what kind of empire is it
    East African trading empire
  5. What sea is Axum is near
    Near the Red Sea
  6. What was Axum best known as
    Christian Kingdom
  7. Where were the kingdoms of West Africa
    Ghana, Mali, Songhai
  8. What was the important river to the kingdoms of West Africa
    Nile River
  9. What year was Ghana in power
  10. What was the trading power of Ghana
    Gold and salt trade
  11. What did the Ghana trade flourish across
    Across Sahara(camels)
  12. What year was Mali in power
  13. What did Mali continue to strengthen
    Gold and Salt
  14. What was the Great African City that Mali developed
  15. How did Mali develop Islam
    Trade and Mansa Musa
  16. What was the largest empire of West Africa
  17. What did Songhai continue
    Islam/trade traditions
  18. Who did Great Zimbabwe trade with
    Islamic and Indian World
  19. What was the Great Zimbabwe like and where was it
    Trading empire of South Africa
  20. What year was Songhai in power
  21. Who were the Bantu people
    Cultural people that spread across the Sub-Sahara Africa
  22. What did the Bantu people diffuse
    Religion, Farming, Herding, and Iron Working
  23. What did the Bantu people practice
    Polytheism (Animism) Incorparets nature spirits
  24. What was the culture of the Swahili
    Culture of East African Coast
  25. What was Swahili a mix of
    Bantu and Arab/Islam
  26. Where is/was Mesoamerica
    Mexico-Central America
  27. What was the region madeĀ of
    Region made of greatest development in America
  28. Which is further north? Nubia or Axum
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