lord of the flies 1

  1.  grunt
    Noise type (Gruñido)
  2. Shimmering
    Iridescence (reluciente)
  3. sidelong
    Sideways (de reojo)
  4. thrust
    to thrust a stick into the ground
  5. hither and thither
    here and there
  6. slope
    incline: up or down
  7. beam at
    smile widely
  8. stupendous
  9.  his heart was making the stretched shirt shake
  10. frown
    the mother frowned when her son showed her his exam,
  11. Chunky
    person: well-built (fornido)
  12. convey
    He has difficulty conveying his thoughts to the rest of the group

    These pipes convey water to the boiler

    The assembly line conveyed the parts to the next station.

    This passage conveys a suspenseful tone
  13. break away
    become separate

    Two of the members of the band broke away to form a band of their own

    South Ossetia is a break away republic of Georgia
  14. patter
    tapping sound
  15. unevenness of breathing
    irregularity in breathing
  16. blot out
    shut out, exclude, block

    oneside of his face was blotted out by a mulberry-colored birthmark.
  17. heap
  18. taut
    emotionally tense
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