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    • I am personally responsible for creating an environment that will support safe by choice not by chance.
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    I will not look turn the other way when I see an unsafe condition or behavior.
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    I will commit to providing quality safety prevention training in an ongoing effort to teach my employees the methods to keep them safe
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    • I will regularly observe my operations:
    • A. provide positive feedback when employees use safe work methods.
    • B. provide immediate constructive coaching and obtain feedback from employees observed using at risk behaviors.
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    • I will report each employee injury and auto crash and diligently investigate each occurrence immediately and thoroughly.
    • A. I will involve the employees and all those necessary to evaluate all the factors so that the employees and others understand the root causes.
    • B. I will reduce the risks that area under my control and evaluate risks that are not under my control to the appropriate level.
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    • I will ensure that my CHSP committees are given the appropriate amount of time to effectively reduce risk in their work areas.
    • A. I will celebrate wellness and safety achievements and recognize safe behaviors.
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    I will encourage each employee to make wellness is a personal value for themselves and their families.
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    I will encourage all employees in my operation to avoid any in-vehicle distractions even if no distracted driving legislation has been enacted.
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