psychology 310

  1. Mood Disorders
    One of a group of disorders involving severe and enduring disturbances in emotionality ranging from elation to severe depression.
  2. Major Depressive Episode
    Most common and severe experience of depression, including  feelings of worthlessness, disturbances in bodily activities such as sleep, loss of interest, and inability to experience pleasure, persisting at least 2 weeks
  3. Mania
    Period of abnormally excessive elation or euphoria associated with some mood disorders
  4. Hypomanic Episode
    Less severe and less disruptive version of a manic episode that is one of the criteria for several mood disorders.
  5. Dysphoric Manic Episode (mixed manic episode)
    Condition in which the individual experiences both elation and depression or anxiety at the same time. also known as dysphoric manic episode.
  6. Major Depression Disorder, Single or Recurrent Episode
    Mood disorder involving one major depressive episode; mood disorder involving multiple (separated by at least 2 months without depression) major depressive episodes.
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