UofH KOR402 VOCAB Chapter 16

  1. 가끔
    sometimes; every now and then
  2. 가장
    head of a family (household)
  3. 각성 / 각성하다 / 각성시키다
    awakening / to awake / to awaken; disillusion
  4. 간단하다
    to be simple; brief; short
  5. 강자
    strong person; the strong
  6. 강자와 약자
    the strong and the weak
  7. 개입되다
    to intervene in; be involved in
  8. 견해
    opinion; view
  9. 경제력
    economic power
  10. 고스란히
    wholly; completely; just as it was; with nothing missing
  11. 고위 공무원
    high-ranking civil servant
  12. 관념
    idea; notion; thought; conception
  13. 관철 / 관철하다 / 관철되다
    accomplishment, realization / to accomplish / to be accomplished, realized
  14. 구닥다리
    old-fashioned person; old-fashioned stuff
  15. 국회 / 의원 / 국회 의원
    National Assembly / member / member of the National Assembly
  16. 군림하다
    to reign; to rule
  17. 굵직하다
    to be thick, significant, big
  18. 궁극적인
    final, ultimate, eventual
  19. 궤변
    deceptive talk; sophistry
  20. 귀기울이다
    to listen to someone or something attentively; bend one's ear to someone or something
  21. 그릇되다 / 그릇된 / 그릇된 생각 / 그릇된 생실
    to o wrong, amiss, awry / mistaken, wrong, false, incorrect / false idea, mistaken notion / misdeed, evildoing, wrong behavior
  22. 금융
    circulation of money, finance, financing
  23. 기업체
    enterprise, type of business enterprise
  24. 기을어지다
    to slant, lean, slope, decline, sink, go down
  25. 꺼풀
    outside layer
  26. 꼬치꼬치
  27. 꼼꼼하다
    to be a perfectionist
  28. 나약하다
    to be weak, soft and spiritless, feeble-minded
  29. 내막
    underlying factor (lit. inner screen/curtain)
  30. 단정하다
    to decide, to conclude
  31. 당하다 / 부상당하다 / 도난당하다 / 무시당하다
    to suffer, receive, sustain / to be injured / to be stolen / to be despised, ignored
  32. 대범하다
    to be big-hearted, broad-minded, of lofty manners
  33. 대우 / 대우하다 / 대우받다
    treatment; pay, salary / to treat; to pay / to be treated, to receive
  34. 대장부
    manly man; heroic man
  35. 도리
    duty, obligation
  36. 돈줄 / 돈줄이 떨어지다 / 돈줄을 움켜쥐다
    line of credit, source of money / to lose one's financial backing / to control the source of money
  37. 돌덩이
    piece of stone
  38. 동반 자살
    joint suicide, suicide pact
  39. 뒷받침해 주다
    to support; back up
  40. 뚜렷하다
    to be vivid, clear, distinct
  41. 말대꾸
    reply, response (in speech or words)
  42. 명백하다
    to be obvious, evident, clear
  43. 명분 / 명분을 세우다
    one's moral duty or obligation / to justify oneself
  44. 모조리
    all, without exception, thoroughly
  45. 물론
    of course; naturally
  46. 물리적 / 물리력
    physical / physical strength
  47. 물리치다
    to defeat; turn down; repulse
  48. 미약하다
    to be feeble, weak, faint
  49. 반증
    evidence to the contrary; counter evidence 
  50. 배후
    behind the scenes; in the background
  51. 버티다
    to endure, tolerate, stand, keep the balance
  52. 보충하다
    to assist; to supplement
  53. 봉급
    salary, pay, wage
  54. 분명하다
    to be clear, to be evident
  55. 불쌍하다 / 불쌍한 고아
    to be pitiful, poor, pitiable / poor orphan
  56. 불평등 / 불평등 조약
    inequality / unequal treaty
  57. 비율
    ration, percentage, proportion
  58. 사고
    accident, mishap
  59. 사정
    circumstance, situation
  60. 사채 시장
    private money market
  61. 사채 업자
    private moneylender; loan shark
  62. 살림 / 살림하다 / 살림 도구 / 살림이 어렵다
    housework, domestic chores / to run or manage one's household / household goods / to make a poor living
  63. 서구 / 서구 문화
    Western / Western culture
  64. 생리
  65. 선조
  66. 성급하다
    to be hasty; rash
  67. 성회롱
    sexual harassment
  68. 세태
    social conditions
  69. 수시로
    as occasion arises, often, frequently
  70. 수중 / 수중에 있다 / 수중에 넣다
    in the hands (of) / to be in the hands of / to take possession of
  71. 시야 / 시야에 들어오다 / 시야가 넓다 / 시야가 좁다
    field of view, field of vision / to come in sight / to have a broad view / to have a narrow view
  72. 십중팔구
    in eight or nine times out of ten; in the majority of cases
  73. 아낙(네) / 아낙네들
    woman, wife / the womenfolk, women
  74. 아녀자
    children and women
  75. 아쉬워하다 / 이별을 아쉬워하다
    to be reluctant to; to feel the lack of / to be reluctant to part
  76. 안달이다
    to be impatient; overanxious
  77. 압도하다
    to overwhelm; overpower, surpass
  78. 앞장서다 / 유행에 앞장서다
    to be at the head of / to lead fashion
  79. 앞치마
  80. 애정
    affection, love
  81. 액수
    amount of money
  82. 양보하다
    to yield, to concede, to give in, to compromise
  83. 어김없이
    surely, without fail, certainly
  84. 억울하다
    feel mistreated; to be vicitimized
  85. 억척스럽다
    to be steadfast, unyielding, unrelenting
  86. 여염집
    ordinary household
  87. 여필종부
    wives should be submissive to their husbands
  88. 역설 / 역설적으로 말하면
    paradox / paradoxically speaking
  89. 역학 관계
    dynamic relationship
  90. 열등하다
    to be inferior
  91. 열변
    passionate eloquence, fervent speech
  92. 올바르다
    to be straight, upright, straightforward, honest, right
  93. 용돈
    pocket money, allowance
  94. 위기 / 위기에 닥치다
    crisis, emergency
  95. 으레
    habitually, regularly, commonly, usually
  96. 이른바 / 이른바 지식인
    what it called, what we call, so-called / so-called intellectual
  97. 인내하다
    to tolerate, to endure
  98. 인정받다
    to receive recognition; to be recognized
  99. 입금
    receipt of money; depositing money (into an account)
  100. 자본주의
  101. 작용하다
    to operate on; affect, function (as)
  102. 장관 / 교육부 장관
    minister / minister of Education
  103. 장악하다 / 정권을 장악하다
    to hold, seize, grasp / to take over the reins of government
  104. 재계
    financial world
  105. 적극적(인)
    positive, active, constructive
  106. 적장
    the enemy's general, commander of the enemy force
  107. 전권
    total control, whole or total power
  108. 전담하다
    to be fully responsible for; be solely in charge of something
  109. 전면
    front (side, part); frontage
  110. 정계
    political world
  111. 정작
    actually, really, practically
  112. 정치력
    political power, political influence
  113. 정치인
    political statesman
  114. 조연
    supporting player, supporting actor
  115. 조의금
    condolence money
  116. 주도권
    leadership, initiative
  117. 쥐다
    to grasp, clasp grip, clutch
  118. 지도자 / 여성 지도자
    leader / woman leader
  119. 지배하다
    to govern; to dominate
  120. 지상 과제
    someone's purpose, someone's ultimate aim; mission
  121. 지위
    position; status
  122. 직무 유기
    negligence of one's duty
  123. 진정한 / 진정으로
    true, sincere, earnest / heartily, form the bottom of one's heart
  124. 진출 / 진출하다
    advance, march / to advance, gain ground
  125. 차관
    vice minister
  126. 차별 / 인종 차별
    discrimination / racial discrimination
  127. 차지하다
    to have a position, have a share/portion; win a prize
  128. 착각하다
    to mistake, to misunderstand
  129. 처리하다
    to handle, manage, treat, deal with, take care of
  130. 철저하다
    to be complete; to be perfect
  131. 최고 경영자
    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  132. 축의금
    wedding gift in cash
  133. 출세(하다)
    rising in the world, making one's way in life
  134. 취업
    going to work, commencement of work, employment
  135. 측면
    side; flank
  136. 치맛바람
    female influence, female power (lit. skirt's wind)
  137. 치밀하다
    to be elaborate, fine, nice, delicate, meticulous
  138. 태반
    mostly, generally, the majority (of)
  139. 터무니없다
    to be unreasonable, unfounded
  140. 터져 나오다
    to get broken, be torn; to explode, burst
  141. 통틀어
    taking all things together, altogether
  142. 특유의 / 한국 특유의 미술 / 이 지방 특유의 풍습
    unique, peculiar / Korea's unique arts / customs peculiar to this district
  143. 틀어쥐다
    to take control, grasp hard
  144. 판단 / 옳은 판단
    judgment, decision / right judgement
  145. 팔씨름
    arm wrestling
  146. 평등 / 평등하다 / 평등한 권리
    equality, impartiality / to be equal / equal rights
  147. 평상시 / 평상시의 / 평상시와는 달리
    normal times / usual, ordinary, normal, common / unusually
  148. 표면적으로
    superficially, outwardly, externally
  149. 필두
    first on a list; role model
  150. 한결같다 / 한결같은 우정
    to be constant, consistent / unfailing friendship
  151. 헤프게 / 돈을 헤프게 쓰다
    wastefully, lavishly / to be too free with one's money
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