Brady V2 Ch4

  1. What is clinical judgement?
    The use of knowledge and experience to diagnose patients and plan their treatment.
  2. What is the definition of acuity?
    The severity or acuteness of your patients condition.
  3. What are the levels of acuity?
    • Critically life threatening
    • Potentially life threatening
    • Non life threatening
  4. Which acuity level of patients most challenge the critical thinking skills of the paramedic?
    Patients who fall between minor medical and life threatening on the acuity spectrum.
  5. What is the definition of protocol?
    A standard that includes general and specific principles for managing certain patient conditions.
  6. What is the definition of a standing order?
    Treatments that you can perform berfore contacting medical direction for permission.
  7. What is the definition of an algorithm?
    A schematic flowchart that outlines appropriate care for specific signs and symptoms.
  8. What is a differential diagnosis?
    The list of possible causes of your patients symptoms.
  9. What style of thinking is reflective?
    Acting thoughtfully, deliberately and analytically.
  10. What style of thinking is divergent?
    Taking into account all aspects of a complex situation.
  11. What style of thinking is convergent?
    Focusing on only the most important aspect of a critical situation.
  12. What style of thinking is impulsive?
    Acting instinctively without stopping to think.
  13. What should be used as a mental checklist when working under pressure?
    • Scan the situation
    • Stop and think
    • Decide and act
    • Maintain control
    • Reevaluate
  14. What are the steps in critical thinking?
    • Form a concept
    • Interpret the data
    • Apply the principles
    • Evaluate the results
    • Reflect on the incident
  15. What are the "six R's" of critical thinking?
    • Read the scene
    • Read the patient
    • React
    • Reevaluate
    • Revise the management plan
    • Review your performance
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