OM Test 1 Part 2

  1. Multi Factor Productivity
    Indicates the ratio of many or all resources (inputs) to the goods and services produced (outputs)
  2. Services
    Economic activities that typically produce an intangible product (such as education, entertainment, lodging, government, financial, and health services).
  3. Work Breakdown Structure
    A hierarchical description of a project into more and more detailed components.
  4. Product Design
  5. International Strategy
    A strategy in which global markets are penetrated using exports and licenses.
  6. Transnational Strategy
    A strategy that combines the benefits of global-scale efficiencies with the benefits of local responsiveness.
  7. Multinational corporation (MNC)
    A firm that has extensive involvement in international business, owning or controlling facilities in more than one country.
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OM Test 1 Part 2
OM Test 1 Part 2