Fab Vocab

  1. Puissant
    To be strong or powerful.
  2. Decry
    To express strong disapproval of; condemnation with the intent to discredit
  3. Percipient
    Capable of or characterized by perception
  4. Expiate
    To extinguish the guilt incurred by; to make amends for
  5. Crepuscule
  6. Prate
    to talk long and idly; empty or meaningless talk.
  7. Comestible
  8. Termagant
    An overbearing or nagging woman.
  9. Posit
    To affirm the existence of; to propose as an explanation of.
  10. Mawkish
    Having an insipid, often unpleasant taste; sickly sentimental.
  11. Peripatetic
    of or relating to or given to walking; moving or traveling from place to place.
  12. Risible
    Capable of laughing; disposed to laugh; associated with laughter
  13. Zeitgeist
    The general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era.
  14. Persiflage
    Light, batnering talk or wtiging; a frivolous flippant style of treating a subject.
  15. Eleemosynary
    Of or pertaining to alms, charity, or charitable donations.
  16. Nascent
    Beginning to exist or to grow.
  17. Flummery
    Nonsense; mumo-jumbo
  18. Wastrel
    A person who wastes; a loafer
  19. Bootless
    Unavailing; useless
  20. Kvetch
    To complain habitually
  21. Ken
    Cognizance; view; especially, reach of sight or knowledge
  22. Fait Accompli
    An accomplished and presumably deed of fact.
  23. Erstwhile
    In the past; at a former time
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