Geo2:Chapter 14

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  1. Biodiversity
    a number, variety and variability of living organisms
  2. Species richness
    a number of different species in an area
  3. Biodiversity and climate (latitude and elevation)
    -Biodiversity increases toward low latitudes(equator), warmer
  4. Peninsula effect
    • -species diversity decreases toward the tip of the peninsula
    • -species richness decreases toward higher elevations
  5. The role of habitat diversity
    -Species diversity is positively correlated with habitat diversity
  6. Island biogeography
    -species richness of islands is strongly correlated with island size
  7. Oceanic island
    never connected to the mainland
  8. Landbridge island
    was connected to the mainland during the Ice age
  9. species relaxation
    decline in species richness when a region is cut off from a larger landmass
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