1. The treatment for Stable Angina
    O2, reduce anxiety, transport, ALS back up
  2. Arteries carry blood?
    Away from the heart
  3. Oxygen rich blood leaves the pulmonary veins and goes?
    To the left atrium
  4. Narrow pulse pressure in a MVA, bruising to the CX is a
    Cardiac tamponade
  5. Pain in the chest " tearing, shearing pain towards the neck, abdomen" No pedal pulses
    is a dissecting aortic aneurysm
  6. What perfuses the heart
    Coronary arteries
  7. pink frothy sputum is indicative of?
    Left sided heart failure
  8. Pulse pressure ?
    Is the difference between systolic and diastolic
  9. What arteries perfuse the head?
    Coronary arteries
  10. Vena cava
    Are the main veins leading into the heart
  11. Pulmonary embolism
    Is a blockage in the circulatory system in the lungs
  12. A 69-year-old woman calls EMS because of a severe nosebleed. Upon arrival, you note that the patient is leaning over a basin that contains an impressive amount of blood. She states that she has a history of diabetes, coronary artery disease, and migraine headaches. Her blood pressure is 170/100 mm Hg and her heart rate is 112 beats/min. Which of the following is the MOST contributive factor to her nosebleed?
    Her blood pressure
  13. When attempting oral intubation on a patient with a suspected spinal injury, it is important to:
    maintain manual spinal immobilization
  14. You are the first EMS unit on the scene of an incident. As you approach, you note that there are at least three patients who have been ejected from a motor vehicle. Your FIRST priority should be to:

    : call for additional ambulances to assist in the situation
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