history 18

  1. what place in palestine is probably the site of the battle of armageddon
  2. the modern-day country of turkey is located on what peninsula
    asia minor or anatolia
  3. which empire joined with the central powers and was destroyed at the end of world war I
    the ottoman empire
  4. the old city of constantinople was renamed by mustafa kemal.
  5. give the modern name of persia
  6. list at least 3 reforms of the "white revolution"
    women could vote, education was improved, agriculture and industry were developed.
  7. how did the ayatollah khomeini rise to power in iran
    he took over after riots broke out that ousted the shah
  8. who waas the founder of the zionist movement
    theodor herzl
  9. in what area was the nation of israel reborn? in what year did israel become an independant nation
    palestine; 1948
  10. in what war did isral destroy its enemies planes before they could even get off the ground
    six day war
  11. where is the west bank? the gaza strip
    west of the jordan river; along the mediterranean coast
  12. what group of terrorists has attempted to regain palestine for the arabs by using violence againts israelis
  13. what language did the ashkenazim develop
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