Military Justice

  1. What AR covers military justice?
    AR 27-10
  2. What is UCMJ?
    • Uniform Code of Military Justice.
    • Its prescribes criminal for soldiers.
  3. What does UCMJ establish?
    1. declares what conduct is a crime.

    2. establish types of courts.

    3. sets procedures for administration of military justice.
  4. What is an Article 15?
    non-judicial punishment for minor offenses imposed by a commander.
  5. What is the aim of Non-judicial punishment?
    1. Correct, educate & reform offenders.

    2. Preserve a soldier's record

    3. Dispose of minor offenses in less time and personnel than trials by courts-martial
  6. Under what article is non-judicial punishment imposed?
    Article 15
  7. Who may imposed an Article 15?
    Any commanding officer, including warrant officer excercising command.
  8. Does a person have to accept an article 15?
    No, a soldier has the right to a trial by court martial.
  9. What kind of extra duty is an NCO given by an Article 15?
    Supervisory duty.
  10. What form is used to request that a superior exercise Article 15 authority.
    DA Form 5109
  11. What are the two categories of an Article 15?
    1. Company Grade

    2. Field Grade
  12. What is a Company Article 15?
    Imposed by a company grade officer.
  13. What is a Field Grade Article 15?
    Imposed by a field grade officer.
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