CRT Safety

  1. What is CRT Safety Rule Number 1
    Never Work Alone
  2. CRT Saftey Rule # 2
    Turn of the power and disconnect the ac power cord
  3. CRT Saftey Rule # 3
    Remove all metal Jewelry
  4. CRT Saftey Rule #4
    Remove Grounding Wrist strap until crt is discharged
  5. CRT Saftey Rule #5
    Disconnect Snap Fastener On Grounded Work Bench
  6. CRT Saftey Rule #6
    Put on Safety Goggles
  7. CRT Saftey Rule #7
    Discharge CRT Immediatly after opening case
  8. CRT Saftey Rule #8
    After the discharge reconnect your grounding wrist strap
  9. What is the CRT Discharge Procedure
    • Follow CRT Safety Steps 1-6 to prepare
    • Remove the housing
    • Put one hand behind your back
    • using apple crt discharge tool connect the aligator clip from the lead to any metal part on the chassis
    • carefully slide the crt discharge tool under the annode cap and into the annode aperature
    • keep an ongoing connection so it does not build up another charge
    • Reconnect your esd wrist strap
    • and your done!
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CRT Safety
CRT Safety