Start up

  1. What are start up items?
    Often conusable with login items they are the background processes that run from LIBRARY/STARTUPITEMS
  2. Define Boot-Args
    Boot Arguments or Firmware commands that effect Boot time and behavior
  3. Define login items
    Files that open at login specified by each user in system preferences
  4. Define Launchd
    Short for Launch Daemon it manages Many services before and after startup
  5. What is Kernel Extension
    Any software component that gives the kernel extra functionality
  6. Define BootX
    Theboot loader program for power pc based mac to load macintosh os
  7. Define Boot efi
    The Boot Loader program for intel based mac to load mac os
  8. Define Proccess
    Also called a deamon its a program your computer executs in the background
  9. Define Kernel
    The Central os component Responsible for managing most of its resouces
  10. Define Post
    Short for Power On Self Test Its the first test a mac runs when it recieves power to the logic board
  11. Window Server
    The Proceess that draws everything on the screen after the blue screen appears during start up
  12. Define EFI
    Short for Extensible Firmware Interface intel created firmware for intel macs
  13. Define Deamon
    A Program designed to run in the background without any user intervention to provide services to the user
  14. Define SMART
    Short for Self Monitoring Analysis And Reporting it is hardware that tests and monitors disk drives for potential problems or failiures
  15. Define Firmware
    Firmware is Software Stored in a computers hardware that enables the computer to load an Operating System on start up
  16. Define Open Firmware
    Firmware that power pc mac use
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Start up
Start up