Net Managment & Security Week 17

  1. Types of ICMP Attacks
    • •Smurf DoS attack: attackers broadcast a ping request to all computers on a network, but change the source address of the request to target
    • •ICMP redirect attack: this attack send an ICMP redirect packet to the victim asking
    • the host to send its packets to another router (a malicious device)
    • •Ping of Death: a malformed ping using ICMP is sent to the victim. This ping exceeds
    • the size of an IP packet
  2. What is DNS?
    • Resolves IP addresses and symbolic names
    • Uses port 53
    • DNS poisoning attack substitutes addresses so that the computer is automatically redirected to another device.
    • An attacker substitutes a fraudulent IP address to a symbolic name
  3. How DNS Poisoning works?
    Attackers target a local HOST file to create a new entries, redirecting users to a fraudulent sites
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Net Managment & Security Week 17
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