Cumulative Vocabulary Words 10-12

  1. Askance
    (adv.) with suspicion, distrust, or diapproval

    Synonyms: distrustfully, suspiciously, skeptically
  2. Benign
    (adj.) gentle, kind; forgiving, understanding; having a favorable or beneficial effect; not malignant

    • Synonyms: benevolent, salutary, salubrious, harmless
    • Antoynms: malevolent, deleterious
  3. Cavil
    (v.) to find fault in a petty way, carp; (n.) a trivial objection or criticism

    Synonyms: (v.) nitpick, quibble
  4. Charlatan
    (n.) one who feigns knowledge or ability; a pretender, impostor, or quak

    Synonyms: fraud, mountebank
  5. Decimate
    (v.) to kill or destroy a large part of

    Synonyms: ravage, devastate
  6. Foible
    (n.) a weak point, failing, minor flaw

    • Synonyms: shortcoming, defect, quirk
    • Antonyms: forte, vitue
  7. Forgo
    (v.) to do without, abstain from, give up

    • Synonyms: refrain from, renounce
    • Antonyms: indulge in, partake of
  8. Inure
    (v.) to toughen, harden; to render used to something by long subjection or exposure

    Synonyms: accustom, acclimate
  9. Obsequious
    (adj.) marked by slavish attentiveness; excessively submissive, often for purely self-interested reasons

    • Synonyms: fawning, servile, sycophantic, mealymouthed
    • Antonyms: assertive, bumptious, overbearing, candid, frank, independent
  10. Oscillate
    (v.) to swing back and forth with a steady rhythm; to fluctuate or wave

    Synonyms: vibrate, vacillate
  11. Penitent
    (adj.) regretful for one's sins or mistakes: (n.) one who is sorry for wrongdoing

    • Synonyms: (adj.) remorseful, regretful, rueful, sorry
    • Antonyms: (adj.) unrepentant, remorseless
  12. Peremptory
    (adj.) having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debate, denial, or refusal; offensively self-assured, dictatorial; determined, resolute

    • Synonyms: high-handed, unconditional
    • Antonyms: irresolute, tentative, mild, unassuming
  13. Rebuff
    (v.) to snub; to repel, drive away; (n.) a curt rejection, a check

    • Synonyms: (v.) spurn, repulse, reject; (n.) setback
    • Antonyms: (v.) accept, welcome
  14. Asperity
    (n.) roughness, severity; bitterness or tartness

    • Synonyms: rigor, harshness
    • Antonyms: mildness, blandness, softness, lenience
  15. Cabal
    (n.) a small group working in secret

    Synonyms: clique, ring, gang, plot, conspiracy
  16. Eclectic
    (adj.) drawn from different sources; (n.) one whose beliefs are dranw from various sources

    • Synonyms: (adj.) selective, synthetic, pick-and-choose
    • Antonyms: (adj.) uniform, monolithic
  17. Flaccid
    (adj.) limp, not firm; lacking vigor or effectiveness

    • Synonyms: soft, flabby
    • Antonyms: hard, firm, solid
  18. Impecunious
    (adj.) having little or no money

    • Synonyms: penniless, impoverished, indigent
    • Antonyms: affluent, wealthy, prosperous, rich
  19. Inexorable
    (adj.) inflexible, beyond influence; relentless, unyielding

    • Synonyms: inescapable, ineluctable, obdurate
    • Antonyms: avoidable, yielding, pliant
  20. Onerous
    (adj.) burdensome; involving hardship or difficulty

    • Synonyms: oppressive, weighty
    • Antonyms: light, easy, undemanding, untaxing
  21. Sequester
    (v.) to set apart, separate for a special purpose; to take possession of and hold in custody

    Synonyms: seclude, segregate, isolate, closet
  22. Winnow
    (v.) to get rid of something unwanted, delete; to sift through to obtain what is desirable; to remove the chaff from the wheat by blowing air on it; to blow on, fan

    Synonyms: sift, strain, filter, sort
  23. Discomfit
    (v.) to frustrate, thwart, or defeat; to confuse, perplex, or embarrass

    Synonyms: nonplus, disconcert, foil
  24. Espouse
    (v.) to take up and suppot; to become attached to, adopt; to marry

    • Synonyms: embrace, wed
    • Antonyms: repudiate, disavow, renounce
  25. Fetish
    (n.) an object believed to have magical powers; an object of unreasoning devotion or reverence

    Synonyms: charm, talisman, obbsession
  26. Gregarious
    (adj.) living together in a herd or group; sociable, seeking the company of others

    • Synonyms: outgoing, extroverted
    • Antonyms: aloof, introverted, reclusive
  27. Hapless
    (adj.) marked by a persistent absence of good luck

    • Synonyms: unlucky, ill-starred, unfortunate
    • Antonyms: lucky, charmed, fortunate
  28. Importune
    (v.) to trouble with demands; to beg for insistemtly

    Synonyms: implore, entreat, dun, tax
  29. Interpolate
    (v.) to insert between other parts or things; to present as an addition or correction

    Synonyms: inject, interpose, introduce
  30. Perfunctory
    (adj.) done in a superficial or halfhearted manner; without intrest or enthusiasm

    • Synonyms: slapdash, cursory, shallow
    • Antonyms: thorough, assiduous, diligent, meticulous
  31. Requite
    (v.) to make suitable repayment, as for a kindness, service, or favor; to make retaliation, as for an injury or wrong; to reciprocate

    Synonyms: reimburse, recompense, avenge
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