1. Magma Chamber
    Magma  that  collects in a pocket of the volcano
  2. Pipe
    a long tube in the ground that connects the magma chamber to the surface
  3. vent
    molten rock and gas leave a volcano through an opening
  4. Lava flow
    is the area covered by lava as it pours out of the vent
  5. crater
    is a bowl shaped area that may form at the top of volcano
  6. Pyroclastic Flow
    Occurs when sn explosive eruption hurls out a mixture of gas ash cinders and bombs
  7. dormant
    a volcano that will awaken in the future and become active.
  8. extinct
    dead volcano unlikely to erupt again
  9. Shield Volcano
    a volcano that is gently sloping mountain lava flows build it wide
  10. Cinder cone volcano
    Steep cone shape hill or small mountain called a
  11. composite volcano
    are tall cone shaped mountains with layers of ash
  12. caldera
    a huge hole left by a collapse of volcano mountains
  13. volcanic neck
    looks like a giant tooth stuck in the ground and forms when magma hards in a volcanic pipe
  14. dike
    magma that forces it self across rock layers and hardens into a dike
  15. sill
    When magma squeezes between horizontal layers of rock. it forms sill
  16. batholith
    large rock masses called form the core  of mountain ranges. and a large body of magma cools in it
  17. geothermal energy
    magma a few kilometers beneath earth surface and heats underground water
  18. geyser
    is a fountain of water and steam and that erupts from the ground
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