1. How / Why do networks Fail?
    It fail;s when either the computer has an invalid config or the config fails to give the desired result
  2. Define http://
    For use with web servers that support webdav protocol
  3. Define https://
    A secure Version of webDAV Connection
  4. Define ftp://
    File transfer Protocol are read only untill you enter the terminal commands or a 3rd party ftp client
  5. Define nfs://
    Network File System used by Unix
  6. Define VNC://
    Virtual Network Computing industry standard for remotley controlling computers and screen sharing on a network
  7. Define AFP://
    Apple file Protocol Macs default file sharing protocol
  8. Explain Multi Homing
    Allows all connections to be simotaneously active so you can connect through air port and ethernet
  9. en0
    Ethernet Port 1
  10. en1
    Ethernet Prt 2
  11. How do you know when you hve a dns problem?
    When you can access a webpage by typing its #s but not the letters
  12. Defien IP
    Internet Protocol A Computers unique internet address that identifies it on a tcpip network
  13. Topology
    The Physicl layout of wires and devices ona network
  14. TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol And Internet Protocola are the two main protocols a device uses to connect to the internet
  15. Static IP
    Ip Address that is assigned once and never changes
  16. What is a Router
    A device that connects networks together and isolates traffic within each network
  17. Routable address
    An IP address Directly accessable from the internet
  18. Protocol
    Rules or languages that govern how devises on a network communicate with each other
  19. PPP
    Point to Poit Protocol used for dial up modems to connect to the internet
  20. PING
    Packet inter network Groper used to send a network packet to a designated address to confirm a response
  21. Octet
    A Group of 8 bits Each octet has 8 positions when viewed in binary form
  22. Node
    Any Electronic Devce That can communicate with another
  23. NAT
    Network address Translation Multiple Computers share the same IP address
  24. LINK
    Any Datat Transmission Medium Such as Wires Bluetooth infra red or radio waves
  25. Ethernet
    A 10/100/1000 Mbts per second wired network standard
  26. Dynamic IP Address
    An Ip Address that is assigned for a limited ammount of time before it is changed
  27. DNS
    Domain Name SYstem Maps ip address to domain names
  28. DHCP
    Dynamic Host configuration protocol used to distribute ip address to client computers
    A Scheme determined by network protocols for identifying the sending and recieving device
  30. Define smb:// And cifs://
    • SMB = Server Message Block
    • CIFS = Common internet file system
    • these are the default file sharing preferences for windows
  31. What is a Network Location?
    A Saved Group of Netwok Settings that can be activated at any time.
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