Volume 2 Chapter 5

  1. Communication
    The process of exchanging information between individuals
  2. Basic Communications Model
    • Sender has an idea/message
    • Sender encodes message
    • Sender sends message
    • Receiver receives message
    • Receiver decodes message
    • Receiver gives feedback to sender
  3. Semantic
    Related to the meaning of words
  4. 10-code
    Radio communications system using codes that begin with the word ten
  5. Radio Band
    A range of frequencies
  6. Radio Frequency
    Number of times the radio wave oscillates per second
  7. Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)
    300 mhz-3000 mhz
  8. Prehospital Care Report
    The written record of an EMS response
  9. EMS Response Communications
    • Detection and citizen access
    • Automatic collision notification
    • Call taking and emergency response
    • Prearrival instructions
    • Call coordination and incident recording
    • Discussion with medical direction
    • Transfer communications
    • Back in service
  10. Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)
    Any agency that takes emergency calls from citizens in a given region and dispatches the emergency resources necessary to respond to individual call for help
  11. Automatic Collision Notification System (ACN)
    Data collection and transmission system that can automatically contact a national call center or local public safety answering point and transmit specific crash data
  12. Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)
    The person who manages an EMS system's response and readiness
  13. Priority Dispatching
    System that uses medically approved questions and predetermined guidelines to determing appropriate level of response
  14. Prearrival Instructions
    Dispatcher's instructions to caller for approprate emergency measures
  15. Simplex System
    Communications system that transmits and receives on the same frequency
  16. Duplex System
    Communications system that allows simultaneous two-way communications by using two frequencies for each channel
  17. Multiplex
    Duplex system that can transmit voice and data simultaneously
  18. Trunking
    Communications system that pools all frequencies and routes transmissions to the next available frequency
  19. Digital Communications
    Data or sounds translated to a digital code for transmission
  20. Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)
    Vehicle mounted computer keyboard and display
  21. Cellular Telephone System
    Telephone System divided into regions, or cells, that are served by radio base stations
  22. Facsimile Machine (fax)
    Device for electrically transmitting and receiving printed information
  23. Touch Pad
    Computer on which you enter data by touching areas of the display screen
  24. Slander
    To orally defame another person
  25. Libel
    To defame another person in writing
  26. Protocol
    Predetermined written guidelines for patient care
  27. Echo Procedure
    Immediately repeating each transmission received during radio communications
  28. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    Agency that controls all nongovernmental communications in the US
  29. Very High Frequency
    30 mhz-300 mhz
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Volume 2 Chapter 5
Volume 2 Chapter 5