Feagai exam 3

  1. What happens to muscles when you have too much or too little K+?
    flaccid; weakness.
  2. What happens to your tendon reflexes when you have high ca++ and mag?
  3. what happens to your deep tendon reflexes when you have low calcium and mag?
  4. what is chovsteks sign?
    sign of tetany. you touch face, face twitches.
  5. what is trousseau's sign?
    sign of latent tetany. wrist is flexed.
  6. if they have no bowel sounds, what is their K+ look like?
  7. If they are constipated, what does their ca and K look like?
    low K; high calcium
  8. if they have diarrhea, what does their K look like?
    too much.
  9. what is pyloric stenosis?
    muscles of the pylorus (opening that lets stomach empty into the small intestine) is thick. won't let it do it. child vomits.
  10. what is the most common dehydration?
    isonatremic dehydration.
  11. what is isonatremic dehydration?
    where the amount lost in ICF and ECF is the same.
  12. Child is dehydrated with acidosis. Can lead to what?
  13. How many US kids die annually from dehydration
  14. How many kids die world wide from dehydration?
    5 million
  15. child has a fluid volume deficit. is the hgb, hct, bun up or down?
  16. child has a fluid volume excess. hgb, hct, bun is up or down?
  17. what do you do with a mild to moderate dehydrated child?
    oral rehydration 50-100ml/kg
  18. what do you do with a child that is severely dehydrated?
    LR or NS or D5 1/2 NS bolus 10-20ml/kg
  19. what is the leading cause of illness in children <5yo?
  20. diarrhea is mostly caused my infections. what is the most common one?
  21. why is diarrhea so dangerous? what are the two major consequences?
    if circulatory status is imparied = shock

    it could lead to acid-base imbalance = acidosis
  22. if the shit sample has a ph <6, what does that mean?
    lactase deficiency.
  23. when is the rotovirus vaccine given to a child?
    2, 4, 6, months
  24. what is croup? what kinda respiratory acid or alk?
    swollen vocal cords. barking cough. resp acid.
  25. what does a kid with mild dehydration look like?
    everything WNL. only slight thirst.
  26. what does vitals on a kid with moderate dehydration look like?
    • slightly increase pulse.
    • normal to low BP. 
    • dry mucous membranes
    • slow cap refil
  27. what does a kid with severe dehydration look like.
    • tachycardia, tachypnea
    • skin dry.
    • cracked lips
    • cap refil >4
    • absent NVD
    • looks like shit.
  28. what is the leading cause of illness in children <5
    acute diarrhea
  29. do clear liquids provide necessary electrolytes?
  30. say YES or NO to BRAT?
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