Test 11

  1. In what age was the great prose?
  2. What are the two type of essays in the Victorian Age?
    Familiar, & Formal essays
  3. Who were the most important Victorian prose?
    Macaulay, Carlyle, Arnold, Huxley, Newman, Ruskin, Bentham, Mill
  4. Who avocated the philosophy of untilittarianism?
    Jeremy Bentham, and John Mills
  5. The ethical doctrine  that axtions are tight  in proportion to their usefulness or premote hapiness?
  6. What prose was an art critic and social critic?
    John Ruskin
  7. What prose writer was called "Phillistinism"?
    Matthew Arnold
  8. What prose writer was Charels Darwins advocate? 
    Thomas Huxley
  9. What prose writer was famous for his ambitious History of England?
    Thomas Macaulay
  10. What prose writer exspressed his idea of the hero?
    Thomas Carlyle
  11. What prose writer was a riligous person and joined the Oxford Movement?
    John Newman
  12. Who wrote London Coffeehouses?
    Thomas Macaulay
  13. What Story talked about  the English and how they had types of clubs and they didnt like foreigners.
    London Coffeehouse in the Book England in 1685.
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