Chapter 12 Lesson 2 Vocab

  1. What is Heredity
    The passing of phsicical characteristics, or traits, from parents to offsring
  2. What is Genetics
    The Scientific study of heredity
  3. What is Fertlization
    The processof egg cells and sperm cells joining
  4. Purebred
    The off spring of many generations that show the same form of a trait
  5. Alleles
    The different forms of a gene
  6. Dominant Allele
    An allele in whose trait always show up in the organism when the allele is present
  7. Recessive Allele
    An allele is which is hidden whenever the dominat allele is present
  8. Hybrid
    An organism which has two different alleles.
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Chapter 12 Lesson 2 Vocab
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