Chapter 12 Lesson 2 Vocabulary

  1. Heredity:
    The passing of physical characteristics, or traits, from parents to offspring
  2. Genetics:
    The scientific study of heredity
  3. Fertilization:
    The process of egg cells and sperm cells joining
  4. Purebred:
    The offspring of many generations that show the same form of a trait
  5. Alleles:
    The different forms of a gene
  6. Dominant Allele:
    An allele in whose trait always shows up in the organism when the allele is present
  7. Recessive Allele:
    An allele which is hidden whenever the dominant allele is present
  8. Hybrid:
    An organism which has two different alleles for a trait
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Chapter 12 Lesson 2 Vocabulary
Vocabulary for Science Chapter 12 Lesson 2.