1. In what ways can you operate a MOV?
    From MPCMS; locally by switching it from remote to local; and manually while in local by operating the clutch switch.
  2. What spaces are protected by CO2?
    Gens 1 & 2; Boiler Rooms 1 & 2; ADG; Flammable stores locker; Hazmat Locker.
  3. How long must you wait prior to entering a compartment protected by a CO2 system after a CO2 discharge?
    15 minutes
  4. You may not enter a closed compartment, tank, or void unless a valid _________ has been issued by a ___________.
    Gas free chit; Gas free engineer
  5. What is the proper procedure for opening QAWTD when flooding when flooding is suspecting on the other side?
    Slowly slack off the dogs just enough for water to seep out.
  6. What are the dangers of operating an internal combustion engine below decks?
    It produces CO (carbon monoxide) which can asphyxiate a person.
  7. What are the proper traffic patterns in the event of an emergency?
    STBD FWD, Port Aft, STBD Up, Port Down
  8. Black Smoke Reported Symbol
    The Letter B with a smoke cloud around it.
  9. Bravo Fire Engaged
    The Letter B with a fire around it and a circle around it.
  10. Bravo Fire Extinguished
    The Letter B with a fire around it and a not circle around that.
  11. Abbreviation for quick acting watertight hatch
  12. Abbreviation for manhole cover
  13. Abbreviation for fire main cut out valve
  14. Abbreviation for watertight hatch
  15. What is the title of the 2JV phone circuit
    Engineers Circuit
  16. How do you properly test for agent with a vari nozzle
    Turn all the way left and click right once and then quickly test for agent.
  17. What are the primary agent for fighting alpha fires?
    High Velocity water fog (H2O)
  18. What is the primary agent for fighting bravo fires?
    • PKP (for spray fires)
    • AFFF (for pool fires)
  19. What is primary agent for fighting charlie fires?
    • De-energize electrical equipment
    • CO2
  20. What are the four elements that make up the fire tetrahedron?
    Temperature, Oxygen, Fuel and Unihibited Chemical Reaction.
  21. Who gives the order to abandon ship?
    Commanding Officer
  22. What constitutes a flooding boundary?
    a. Control flooding by securing all watertight doors, hatches, and scuttles in the main watertight bulkheads and decks closest to the flooding.

    b. Personnel should standby to inspect for any leaks, and to shore or plug as necessary to hold back the water.
  23. How does a compartment Check-Off List help you with space isolation?
    It lists all fittings in a space as well as their class.
  24. How long must the fire watch stay on-scene after the completion of hot work?
    30 minutes after the surface is cool.
  25. What are the four components of shoring?
    Shore, Shole, Strong Back and Wedge
  26. What is the rated load strength of a 3'
  27. What is the rated strength of a 5' metal shore at 3'?
    20,000 lbs
  28. What is the rated strength of a 6"-11' metal shore at 11'?
    6,000 lbs
  29. Shoring is designed to force a bulkhead or fitting back into its original position? True or False
  30. How big of a plug would you use on a 4" hole?
    6" because it is two inches bigger
  31. To measure the maximum length of a shore you measure ______ times the minimum butt thickness.
  32. The 3 types of shoring are?
    K, H and T
  33. How long will a 15 lb CO2 last under continuous use?
    40-45 seconds
  34. The installed CO2 has a time delay of _______
    30 seconds
  35. What type of fire nozzles do we have on our fire stations?
    1 1/2 vari nozzle
  36. The ratio of AFFF to Water is?
    97% Water 3% AFFF
  37. The procedure for properly setting and maintaining a fire boundary?
    Close off openings, monitor boundarys for heat or smoke and apply cooling water when required
  38. When activating the CO2 flooding system. you must pull the ________ release pull cable before the ________ release pull cable.

  39. The ARGUS thermal is used for?
    To find hot spots not visible to the naked eye
  40. The 1-1/2 vari nozzle has ___ bail positions
  41. How long will the new OCENCO EEBD provide oxygen for?
    10 minutes
  42. The Blue (Grey) suits located outside of DCC are used for ?
    The High Voltage Team.
  43. Where are the P-100 Pumps located?
    2 in the Arctic Gear Locker, 1 each in the Port and STBD 01 Deck
  44. How many gallons of AFFF does the AFFF tank hold?
    150 gallons
  45. If you were filling the position of hoseman on the attack ram what equipment would you don to be properly dressed to fight the fire?
    SCBA, Flash Hood, Gloves, Boots w/ steel toes
  46. To report damage Bridge Number# ____ and ECC # ______ and make a Page # ____


  47. What is the suction lift of a P-100 pump w/o an educter?
    20 Feet
  48. What is a Flash Point?
    The lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off suffecient vapor to form an ignitable mixture
  49. The 3 ways heat is transferred are?
    Conduction, Convection and Radiation
  50. What size discharge hose is used with the submersible pump?
  51. How many gallons per minute will the submersible pump deliver with a 50 foot discharge head?
  52. Where is the WQSB located and when do you check it?
    Ships Office/ When you report aboard
  53. What spaces are protected by AFFF?
    GENS 1 & 2, Boilers 1&2, Incinerator room, AMR 1 & 4, Hydraulic Equipment Room, JP5 Room, Aft Hose Handling Room, Helo Hanger
  54. The SCBA can properly protect you from a toxic gas environment? True or False
  55. Where is the SCBA refilling station?
    Forward stores Handling and a portable in the Hanger
  56. Prior to donning a SCBA you should always check?
    The tank level and mask condition
  57. As a rule of thumb a SCBA cylinder will last for?
    30 Minutes
  58. You should drill a 1/4" hole at the ends of a crack to prevent?
    It from spreading
  59. The soft patch is rated at ______ psi
  60. You must apply ____ layers of marlin to a soft patch.
  61. What is the effective range of a 15-lb CO2 extinguisher?
    4-6 ft
  62. All plugs larger than ____ inches must be shored.
  63. What spaces are protected with toxic gas alarms?
    CO2 room, Bow thruster sewage treatment room
  64. Where is the remote fuel shutdown for the ADG?
    Outside of ADG, STBD side door
  65. The 4 Principals of investigation are be thorough, be ______ , report and ______.

  66. The main drainage system of Healy is rated for _____ gallons per minute.
  67. You can use the same sounding tape for both fuel and water? True or False
  68. A space is considered safe when the oxygen level is between __% and __%

  69. Use the ___________ for testing for toxic gases.
    5 Gas Analyzer
  70. When conducting a test for explosive gases the explosive gas level should be less than ___of the lower explosive limit
  71. When Conducting atmospheric tests you must test a minimum of _____ points around the space to consider it safe>
  72. When erecting a metal shores you use the _____ in place of wedges to tighten the shoring.
    Swivel base
  73. How long will a PKP extinguisher last under continuous use?
    28 seconds
  74. The Range Guard System uses the Firefighting agent called _________.
    Aqueous Potassium Chloride
  75. The P-100 is rated at ____ gallons per minute at 83 psi.
  76. What is the air flow (CFM) of the box fan?
    3200 CFM
  77. What type of fuel does the P-100 Pump use?
  78. Suction hoses for the P-100 should be spanner wrench tight? True or False
  79. What is the effective range of an AFFF extinguisher?
    15 feet 10-12 feet for 55 seconds
  80. Ventilation is in and out is called:
    Supply and Exhaust
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