APUSH Ch. 37 & 38

  1. What was the US' foreign policy during the 1930's?
  2. in 1939, we took our first step away from neturality, what was the first step we took?
    cash and carry
  3. In 1940, we took the second step, what was it?
    destroyer bases
  4. main reason why we used the atomic bomb?
    end the war
  5. main role and impact of women during wwii
    to enter the work force for a short term
  6. mexican farm workers that came into the US to help?
  7. agency created to prevent discrimination in hiring african americans
  8. turning point of the war in pacific?
    battle of midway
  9. strategy used in the pacific?
    island hopping
  10. main strategy in europe?
    create a second front
  11. roosevelt and churchill made this the main aim of the war in the casablanca
    unconditional surrenders
  12. main reason japanese americans were intervened in camps?
    feared that they would help the japanese invasion
  13. roosevelt's policy of non-intervention in latin america called?
    good neighbor policy
  14. main impact/result of good neighbor policy?
    created allies
  15. good of neutrality acts in 35/36/37
    avoid war
  16. germany and soviets signed a pact but soviets invaded this country that started a war
  17. why did the US support roosevelt for a third term?
  18. goals for US' role in WWII were set up at this conference
    atlantic charter
  19. major two points in the US world war
    • self determination (countries to determine own futures) 
    • united nation (international bodies, UN)
  20. unique about rationing during WWII
    mandatory in WWII
  21. why did we have price controls and rationing?
    fight inflation
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