Quiz 8

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  1. Genetically engineered human insulin is called _________ or ____________.
    Novolin & Humulin
  2. A form of insulin that works even more rapidly than regular insulin:__________
  3. An intermediate form of insulin that is in crystalline form:_____
    Humalin N
  4. A long acting (24 hour) form of insulin:
  5. The family name for the oral diabetes drugs which stimulates insulin release from the beta cells of the pancreas:
  6. One specific member of this (Sulfonylurea) family:
    Glyburide, Glimepiride
  7. A common adverse effect of this (Sulfylurea) family:
    Weight gain
  8. A first-line oral diabetic drug which improves receptor sensitivity:
  9. Another oral diabetic drug________also treats diabetes by increasing receptor sensitivity and decreasing ________ in the liver.
    Actos & Gluconeogenesis
  10. It's (Actos) close relative Advandia has been taken off the market because of increased risk of _________
    MI and CHF
  11. The % of protein which has reacted with glucose is measured for the protein ________ and is referred to as _________ on lab reports. For non-diabetics this % is typically about: ________%
    Hemoglobin & HbA1c & 5-5.5
  12. Steroids are synthesized from the molecule:
  13. Steroids are sometimes given to cancer chemotherapy patients to treat:
  14. ________ is a hormone deficiency treated with glucocorticoids.
    Addison's disease
  15. An OTC steroid commonly used as a cream anti-inflammatory:
  16. A potent prescription steroid used to elevate a fetus's lung surfactants:
  17. The most common steroid used to treat asthma:
  18. Depo-Provera and inplanon contain ______
  19. A birth control course that has three different levels of hormones over the course of 28 days is called:
    tri-phasic orthotricyclin
  20. The estrogens in Premarin come from:
    pregnant horse urine
  21. The evidence before 2000 that HRT reduced risk of heart disease and breast cancer were all based on _____________ type data and were contradicted by _________ type data that started appearing after 2000.
    Observational & randomized control trial
  22. A drug used for osteoporosis that must be taken at least half an hour before eating and one must stay upright to avoid esophageal ulcers:
  23. Oral use of a broad spectrum antibiotic can produce a superinfection from a resistant bacteria such as ______________ producing a potentially fatal condition called_________
    Clostridum difficile & Psuedomembranous colitis
  24. T/F: According to ODA, several antiarrhythmia drugs effectively reduce extra heart beats
  25. T/F: According to ODA, several antiarrhythmia drugs effectively increase life expectancy
  26. According to ODA the major advantages of SSRI's over TCAs is ______
    side effects
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