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  1. muslim invaders showed little tolerance for people who did not practice
  2. muslims viewed hinduism as?
  3. muslims view everyone ____ before allah?
  4. hindus believe that a man should have only ___ wife(s), while muslims believe that a man can have ____ wife (s).
    • one
    • up to 4
  5. hindu women ___ able to move freely in public, while muslim women ______ their house
    • are
    • seldom left
  6. hindus refrained from eating ____, muslims refused to eat ____
    • beef
    • pork
  7. the islamic influence in the religion helped create a new religion called
  8. sikhism?
    a combination of hindu and muslim ideas
  9. india's contribution to math?
    • number system and zero
    • invented by aryabhatta
  10. sanskrit?
    the mother of all the european languages
  11. 4 religions born in india
    • hinduism
    • buddhism
    • jainism
    • sikhism
  12. _____ was the first european country to start a trade route in india
  13. the _______________ got the british in india
    british east india company
  14. british fought the french in the _________ which gave the british east india company a ______ over india's resources
    • seven years war
    • monopoly
  15. reasons for british success?
    religious conflicts between hindus and muslims
  16. divide and rule?
    used indians as soldiers in the army to assist the british in ruling indian society
  17. indian soldiers under british command rebelled against foregin rule and influence
    sepoy mutiny
  18. indians who served as soldiers for the european power
  19. gandi became a leader of?
    the indian national congress
  20. what did gandi's followers call him?
    mahatma which means great one
  21. ganhi urged his followers to oppose british rule through?
    nonviolent civil disobedience
  22. ahimsa?
  23. satyagroha
    soul force
  24. wheel to make your own clothes (homespun)
  25. caste system?
    • in india
    • way for people to identify¬† themselves with a larger group
  26. caste?
    relates to the purity of one's blood
  27. an individual attains their _____ identity largely through birth
  28. brahmins?
    • priests
    • #1
  29. kshatriyas
    • warriors and rulers
    • #2
  30. vaisyas
    • skilled leaders, merchants, and minor officials
    • #3
  31. sudras
    • unskilled workers
    • #4
  32. pariah "harijans"
    • outcastes
    • untouchables
    • children of God
    • #5
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