1. male hormone
  2. external structure of the penis
    • scrotum
    • testicles
  3. secmum
    contains sperm only expelled by ejaculation
  4. scrotum
    loose pack like sac of skin that hangs below and behind the penis

    climate control system for testies

    hold testies

    contracts and relax
  5. main purpose of the male reproductive system
    produce and maintain sperm

    discharge sperm with the female reproductive tract during sex

    produce and secrete male sex hormone testosterone
  6. testicles
    olives oval shape inside scrotum

    reponsible for making testostrone
  7. seminiferous
    coil masses tubules

    manufacturing sperm
  8. epididmis
    long coil tube ride on the back of the testies

    transports and store sperm cells that are produced in the testies

    brings sperm to mature

    during arosual brings sperm into the vas deferens
  9. vas deferens
    transport mature sperm to urethra
  10. ejaculatory duct
    • formed by the vas deferens and fusion of the seminal vesicle
    • empties into the urthera
  11. urethra
    tubes that carries sperm , urine outside the body

    blocked when male is ejaculating
  12. seminal vesicle
    sac like patch that attaches to the vas deferens and the base of the bladder

    produce a sugar high fluid called fructose which provide the sperm with energy
  13. prostate gland
    walnut structure that is located below the urinary bladder infront of the rectum

    contributes an additional fluid for ejaculation

    fluid helps nourish the sperm
  14. boubourtheral gland
    also known as cowpers glands

    pea size structure located on sides of the urethra just below the prostate gland

    releases fluid that clear slippery neutralizes any acid

    empties directly into the urethra
  15. majora
    sweat and oil gland
  16. bartholin's gland
    located beside vaginal opening scretes fluid secretion
  17. vagina
    canal joins the cervix which is the neck of the uterus used to receive a penis, birth , mensturation 
  18. uterus
    also know as the womb , home of developing fetus

    hollow pair shaped organ  
  19. cervix
    open into the vagina

    allows sperm to exit for menstration
  20. ovaries
    small oval shaped glands located on either side uterus 

    produce egg and hormones estrogen
  21. fallopian tubes
    attached to upper uterus for egg to travel
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