govt test 21

  1. In great britain's parliamentary system, the renomination of a member of parliament depends principally on that member's

    A. loyalty to the party
  2. Each of the following was an objective of the Framers except

    C. to make Congress accountable to the executive
  3. Under the original constitution, members of the Senate, unlike members of the House,were selected by

    E. state legislators
  4. The framers sought to prevent legislative tyranny by

    D. dividing the power among the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary
  5. Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution confers on Congress all of the following powers except

    A. the power to interpret laws
  6. The purpose of a filibuster is to

    D. delay action in a legislative body
  7. A marginal district in one in whic

    E. the winner in an election gets less than 55 percent of the vote
  8. One proposed explanation for why congressional seats have become less marginal is that

    C. incumbents can use their powers to get programs passed that benefit their districts and thereby benefit themselves
  9. Political scientist Gary Jacobson argues that Democratic dominance of the House is best explained by

    D. electoral politics
  10. The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumes members vote to please their constituents is referred to as

    E. representational
  11. The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumes members vote to please their colleagues is referred to as

    C. organizational
  12. The explanation for congressional voting behavior that assumes members vote on the basis of their beliefs is referred to as

    C. attitudinal
  13. In recent years, American voters have political beliefs that are

    A. close to the center on the political spectrum
  14. Where is the real work of Congress done?

    C. in the committees in both houses
  15. According to the text, some scholars argue that incumbents in Congress are hard to defeat because of

    B. the constituency services of their staffs
  16. The original purpose of the General Accounting Office (GAO) was to perform

    E. audits of financial records
  17. which of the following statements about revenue bills is correct?

    A. they must originate in the House
  18. In the Senate, a filibuster can be ended by invoking

    B. cloture
  19. When a bill passes the House and Senate in substantially different forms, the differences are resolved in

    C. a conference committee
  20. The decentralization and separation of government powers under the Constitution has made political corruption

    A. easier to achieve
  21. The pocketbook issue tends to preoccupy politicians most

    D. just before elections
  22. Party priorities generally dictate that

    A. Democrats worry about unemployment and Republicans about inflation
  23. An economists who believes that inflation means too much money chasing too few good is basically subscribing to the_____theory.

    A. monetarist
  24. An economist who believes that the government should help the market expand demand if production is too low is basically endorsing the _____theory.

    E. Keynesian
  25. An economist regards the free market as too undependable to ensure economic efficiency and suggests government control over it. The economist is recommending what type of economic policy?

    B. planning
  26. Supply-side economists advocate that government

    E. interfere less in the economy
  27. The combination of monetarism, tax cuts, and domestic budget cutting characterized

    C. Reaganomics
  28. The text suggests that, in theory and in practice, the Federal Reserve is independent of

    C. both the president and Congress
  29. Congress is important in economic policy making because it

    E. must approve all taxes and most expenditures
  30. The Gramm-Rudman Act was passed by Congress to

    B. eliminate deficit spending
  31. An example of a welfare policy in which most or all people benefit is

    C. Social Security
  32. Welfare policy in which nearly everyone benefits and nearly everyone pays are characterized by

    E. majoritarian politics
  33. Welfare policy in which a relatively few people benefit but almost everyone pays are characterized by

    E. client politics
  34. Welfare policy in the United States developed after a change in attitudes about the concept of deserving versus undeserving poor beginning in the

    D. 1930's
  35. Regarding options for dealing with poverty, the federal government has received no guidance from federal government has received no guidance from

    D. the U.S. Constitution
  36. The passage of the Medicare Bill was made possible by

    E. a Democratic landslide in the 1964 elections
  37. Medicaid differs from Medicare because Medicaid provides

    C. medical assistance to the poor
  38. Congress justified the legitimacy of the Social Security Act, despite the fact that the U.S. Constitution did not authorize federal welfare, with the argument that

    B. Social Security benefits were not really a federal expenditure
  39. According to Charles Murray, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) actually contributes to poverty rather than addressing it because the program

    A. discourages people from looking for jobs
  40. The impetus for the creation of various welfare programs in the U.S. came from

    C. the Great Depression of the early 1930's
  41. the national event held on April 22, 1970, that celebrated the new environmental movement was called

    E. Earth Day
  42. The government agency established in 1970 to implement environmental legislation was the

    E. Environmental Protection Agency
  43. One provision of the Clean Air Act of 1970 required cities where smog was still a problem, despite emission control placed on new cars, to impose rules restricting the public's use of cars. This provision failed because

    A. public opposition was too great
  44. The document required before any federal agency undertakes an activity that significantly affects the environment is called an 

    D.  environmental impact statement
  45. In general, the public will support tough environmental protection laws if the 

    E. costs are hidden
  46. Why should residents of Vermont be concerned about the type of coal burned in Illinois power plants?

    A. because acid rain caused by these power plants affects lakes and forests in Vermont
  47. An environmental measure that benefits an unorganized public is enacted at the expense of a well-organized group. The type of politics involved is

    E. entrepreneurial politics
  48. An environmental measure that benefits an organized group at the expense of an unorganized public. The type of politics involved is

    D. client politics
  49. two organized groups with a material stake in the outcome are fighting over who will pay and who will benefit from a proposed environmental measure. The type of politics involved is

    B. interest groups politics
  50. Offsets, bubbles, and banks are all

    E. EPA incentives for companies to reduce pollution
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