Qtr 2 Foundations Quiz 2

  1. What are the three primary assumptions of the universal principles?
    • The major premise
    • Cause and effect
    • Principle of time
  2. What is necessary for organization?
    Application of force by intelligence
  3. What is the triune of organization?
    • intelligence
    • matter
    • Force uniting them
  4. What is the function of intelligence?
    to create forcew
  5. What is the function of matter?
    to express force
  6. Does universal intelligence act on organic, inorganic, or both?
  7. What are the three efferent processes of the simple cycle?
    • creation
    • transmission
    • Expression
  8. What are the three afferent processes of the simple cycle?
    • impression
    • transmission
    • interpretation
  9. what are the two main properties of innate intelligence in relation to adaptation?
    • self-awareness
    • self-regulation
  10. interference with afferent transmissions inhibits what?
  11. interference with efferent transmissions interferes with what?
  12. what diagram of cycles did BJ value most?
    universal diagram of cycles
  13. what are the properties of the universal diagram of cycles?
    • Universal intelligence
    • innate brain
    • educated brain
    • innate body
    • educated body
  14. what type of reasoning does chiropractic mainly use?
    • deduction
    • (Know facts/evident truths-> conclusions)
  15. what is the only part of the triune that can be less than 100%
  16. what is the break down of matter into something not organized as it should be?
  17. what is the loss of relationship of intelligence and matter to the degree that there is incoordination, not necessarily resulting in disease
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