Contested City Mid Term

  1. Tax Increment Financing
    • TIF Districts are areas where the percentage of  taxes that go to the general fund are frozen
    • Taxes above this amount go into account that mayor controls
    • Only supposed to be blighted areas in need of redevelopment
    • 1 billion in TIF funds in a total budget of 6 Billion
    • Direct spending By municipality not open to review.
  2. Parking meter Privatization
    • Initiated under Daley
    • 75 year lease for 1.2 Billion
    • Bid info never made public
  3. City of Chicago Infrastructure Trust Fund
    • Pool of money raise by private investors to do infrastructure
    • Overseen by Non-Profit Board appointed by Rahm
    • Because it is a Non-Profit not subject to open meeting laws and FOIA
    • Rahm will use 2.7 million of Public money to start Trust Fund
  4. CTU Strike
    • Stand for children pushes law to eliminate collective bargaining for teachers 
    • That is not passed but compromise requires teachers to get 75% of voting members to authorize strike it is thought to be impossible
    • Teachers get it and strike for first time in 25 years
    • Strike not really about money but "corporate reform agenda"
    • Teachers are fighting charter schools, excessive testing and performance based pay
    • While not covered in media this way CTU actually wins big concessions beginning to push back against corporate agenda that has dominated education "reform" for years
  5. Hyatt Boycott
    • Global boycott
    • Hyatt hires contractors to provide housekeeping services
    • Contractors pay minimum wage and overwork workers leading to injuries
    • Hyatt and contractors conspire to keep contractors workers from taking full time jobs with hotels.
  6. City Janitors
    • City changes contractors
    • Company that got contract dayspring has history of union busting
    • Union members forced to take pay cuts
    • Some still laid off
    • SEIU pushes for Responsible Bidders ordinance requiring that companies prove they have not violated federal labor laws and pay prevailing wage
  7. Airport workers
    • Unite Here local 1 negotiates contract that pays workers 10 million more
    • City may switch companies rendering contract moot
    • New company may fire all workers and bring in non union workers
  8. Wal Mart Workers
    • OUR Wal-Mart
    • Organization united for respect an association of wal mart workers
    • strikes and rallies on Black Friday
    • strikes at suppliers
    • Wal-Mart retaliated Managers threatened employees, Filed grieavence with NLRB
  9. Fight for 15
    • Action Now and Stand Up Chicago released report that shows that CEO's of Downtown Chains make 400 times their employees
    • Recommend 15 dollars an hour
    • The workers organizing Committee of Chicago Started Campaign called 'fight for 15' calling for retail and food chain employees to make 15 dollars an hour
  10. Midway privatization
    • Original attempt for 99 year lease died in 2009
    • Rahm pushes new plan in 2012 for 40 year lease
    • Federal aviation administrations airport privatization pilot program would allow private companies to make profit from airports, city governments are not allowed to remove any profit from airport
  11. Chicago Foreclosure Crisis
    • Chicago has highest number of foreclosed and idle homes of any American Metropolis
    • 1 in every 384 houses in Chicago in foreclosure
    • Sheriff Tom Dart has twice implemented eviction moratorium's in 2008 and again in 2010 the second in response to the robo-signing scandal
    • Has been told he cant do it again
  12. Action Now Proposal for Housing Trust
    • Chicago Housing Trust set up as a 501c3
    • Receives properties donated from lending Inst and the city
    • Properties are lent to developers through contract that requires neighborhoods needs to be met and financial obligations to be fulfilled
    • Upon fulfillment of contract Housing Trust quits all claim to property
  13. regulation of street protests in advance of NATO
    • Sold as temporary for NATO summit actually permanent
    • New higher fees and fines
    • Gives Rahm power to deputize any law enforcement official he wants even private security companies
  14. Production side explanation of gentrification; Rent Gap
    • Constant search for profit has played role in pushing suburban development
    • This created Valleys of low rent in the city
    • Once the difference between actual rent(capitalised ground rent) and potential rent is large enough capital swoops in
    • Capital drives gentrification
  15. Consumption side explanation of gentrification
    • Individuals looking for deals or authentic neighborhoods move in and renovate buildings
    • Once enough middle class have moved in they demand changes to neighborhood
    • New class dynamics
    • family make up changes less children
    • New gentry define themselves by "taste"
  16. Frontier Myth
    • Neil Smith
    • selling the city as a new frontier
    • Implies that city was empty and unused and the inhabitants are savages
    • Seen in advertising for developments as well as a fashion trend that coincided with gentrification
  17. Neil Smith evidence of gentrification
    • Developers buy up cheap property in distressed neighborhoods
    • often use artists as first wave of gentrifiers
    • Sometimes let building fall into disrepair so that they can raze them
    • Government plays part by giving seized property to developers, bankroll and push revitalization projects and use law enforcement and gov agencies to harass and displace undesirables
  18. John Betancur
    Process of gentrifying West Town
    • Post WWII West Town begins cycle of disinvestment
    • Puerto Ricans moved in from closer in areas that had already gentrified
    • West Town had good housing stock cheap
    • Starting in 70's real estate companies who had previously red lined West Town start moving in particularly in Wicker Park
    • Use artists as first gentrifiers
  19. Order-maintenance policing
    • an approach to policing that emphasizes creating and and maintaining orderly public spaces
    • Driven by "broken Windows theory"
    • often goes hand in hand with incapacitation theory
    • Hard to tell if it works as it usually means an increase in police which is actually a surveillance theory
  20. Displacement
    • Sees it as class warfare
    • Pioneer myth driving out the indian's
    • Civil Vs Uncivil
  21. Displacement
    • Racial and political conflict
    • Fueled by developers and gov
  22. Displacement
    Freeman and Branconi
    • Say displacement doesn't happen
    • see higher rates of mobility in poor neighborhoods
    • Do not count replacement as displacement
  23. Displacement
    • Right to stay put
    • renters rights
  24. Displacement
    Newman and Wyly
    • Question Freeman's methodology
    • find higher levels of displacement 
    • not a long enough time frame
    • Freeman's study took place after gentrification well under way
  25. Displacement
    • developers target buildings with long term residents= worth less
    • old people long term
    • gentrifiers want to change neighborhood dynamics
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