Vocab/Shakespeare Test

  1. Ebulient
    Bubbling over with enthusiasm and excitement; exuberant
  2. Benevolent
    Showing kindness or good will towards others
  3. Capricious
    Likely to change one's mind for no clear reason; whimsical
  4. Expose
    Bring out to the open; reveal something unpleasant or illegal that has been kept a secret
  5. Indifferent
    Not showing any interest or concern; apathetic
  6. Disdainful
    Haughty, scornful, or contemptuous; treating others in an insulting manner
  7. Indignant
    Feeling angry or resentful at being unjustly treated for a long time
  8. Inflammatory
    Having the ability to Stir up anger or violent reactions
  9. Insolent
    Openly rude and disrespectful
  10. Mercenary
    Done for the sake of money; a paid soldier fighting for a country not his own; crime involved
  11. Pugnacious
    Eager to fight; quarrelsome
  12. Taunt
    To provoke anger with insulting words or gestures
  13. Pharisaical
    Religious; Like the Pharisees, to be concerned with rituals and ceremonies rather than with real goodness; Self-righteous; hypocritical; thinking your above others
  14. Hypocritical
    Claiming to hold to a publicly approved standard while secretly living according to another standard; Pretending to value principles of faith or goodness.
  15. Superficial
    Involving only what is at the surface; shallow
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Vocab/Shakespeare Test
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