EMT 2/17

  1. base station
    a two-way radio t a fixed site such as a hospital or dispatch center
  2. cell phone
    a phone that transmits through the air instead of over wires so that the phone can be transported and used over a wide are
  3. drop report/transfer
    report an abbreviated form of the PCR that an EMS crew can leave at the hospital when there is not enough time to complete the PCR before leaving
  4. mobile radio
    a two-way radio that is used or affixed in a vehicle
  5. portable radio
    a handheld two-way radio
  6. repeater
    a device that picks up signals from lower-power radio units, such as mobile and portable radios, and retrasmits them at a higher power. It allows low-power radio signals to be trasmitted over longer distances.
  7. watt
    the unit of measurement of the output power of a radio
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EMT 2/17
EMT mod 2 chap 17