Sterile Dressing Change Pass off

  1. How many and what are the supplies needed?
    • 12 items
    • Sterile gloves
    • Sterile saline
    • ABD dressing
    • Tape
    • 4X4 tub
    • Red Bag
    • 30 mL Syringe
    • Black Pen
    • 4X4 Pack
    • Sterile q-tips (2)
    • Angiocath
    • PPE (if needed)
  2. Step #1 of dressing change?
    • Compare orders and allergies to MAR.
    • Be sure not to use any allergic substances in the dressing change (irrigants, latex, tape)
  3. What is the 2nd step to sterile dressing change?
    Assess client's pain level and readiness for the procedure. Be sure there will be uninterrupted time for the dressing change. (Patient doesn't need to use the bathroom, not planning to go to another place for tests, x-rays etc). Pre-medicate if necessary.
  4. What is step 3 and 4 for sterile dressing change?
    Hand hygiene and gather supplies.
  5. Upon entering the room after gathering supplies what do I do first?
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Assess readiness/pain and explain to patient what is going to happen and what is needed from the patient. 
    • Provide Patient privacy
    • Double ID patient and check allergies
    • Don PPE (gown, mask, goggles, gloves for irrigation that may splash)
  6. Last prep before removing old dressing change?
    • Position client with pillows to help irrigation flow.
    • Place Chux to protect linen from irrigation
    • Position bedside tray and trash in good position for working with sterile field
    • Position disposable red bio-hazard bag (cuff the edges)
  7. In short, what are the first 8 steps?
    • Review Orders and Allergy Verification
    • Assess Comfort and Time
    • Gather Supplies and Bring to Room
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Assess and Explain to Client
    • Right Patient
    • Don PPE
    • Set up for Dressing Change
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Sterile Dressing Change Pass off
Sterile Dressing Change Pass off