D01 & D03 Selection and Promotion

  1. The process of subdividing and departmentalizing an organization
  2. While there are differences in the meaning of
    work among countries, similarities appear to exist in _______________
    Work content and job context
  3. The process of linking jobs and departments into a cohesive whole
  4. Fundamentally, what does scientific management undervalue?
    The human capacity for thought and ingenuity
  5. Scientific Management, advocated by Frederick Taylor had the following traits:
    • Emphasized work simplification.
    • Jobs were not interesting or complex.
    • The role of the worker is to execute the task carefully.
    • Differential piece rate payment systems.
    • Scientific selection and placement of workers
    • The role of the industrial engineer is to
    • calibrate and define each task carefully
  6. Developed to overcome boredom, associated with scientific management’s approach to jobs.
    Job Enlargement
  7. Job Enlargement is intended to increase _____________ for employees
    job satisfaction
  8. Job Enlargement deals with tasks,
    and therefore, loads jobs ___________.
  9. Like job enlargement, job enrichment is also intended to increases job satisfaction for employees.
    Job Enrichment is aimed at increasing  _______________ factors in a job,
  10. Job enrichment loads a job ___________.
  11. When a clerical employee is given the responsibility and authority to handle certain types of correspondence, the job has been _________.
  12. the job characteristics theory emphasizes the interaction between the ___________ and ___________ of the job.
    individual and attributes.
  13. Selecting a textbook, formulating course
    objectives, specifying course requirements, determining instructional methods,
    preparing exams, and developing student performance provide the college
    professor with which of the five core job dimensions?
  14. Results will be _________ unless all five core job dimensions are used
    short term
  15. People who’s jobs are high on the five core
    dimensions are generally more ________, __________, and __________
    than others.
    motivated, satisfied, and more productive
  16. Enlarging a job is most closely associated with which core job characteristic?
    Task Identity
  17. When engaged in their work, people employ and express themselves:
    • Physically 
    • Cognitively           
    • Emotionally
  18. The 1978 Uniform Selection Guidelines make it clear that HR requirements must be tied to specific ______________ if the are to defend their actions
    job-related factors
  19. Without the foundation of a job analysis, it is difficult for an organization to defend
    • Recruiting
    • Selection/promotion procedures
    • Performance appraisal system
    • Disciplinary actions
  20. Employers are placing increased emphasis on developing and maintaining current and accurate job descriptions as a result of the ____________________.
    Americans with Disabilities Act
  21. True or False?

    It is important to ask each question exactly the same during an interview because, to be fair; candidates should face exactly the same question faced by candidates before and after them.
  22. The Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires _________________ to have a signed release from a person before it can give information about that person to someone else.
    government employers
  23. Which 2 test can only be done after a conditional job offer?
    Medical and Psychological Tests
  24. __________________ feedback to employees can prevent surprises later when a formal evaluation is conducted.

    (Day-to-day Feedback)
  25. The 2 Uses for Performance Appraisals:
    • 1.  Administrative Uses-compensation, promotions, dismissal
    • 2.  Developmental Uses-provide feedback, identify strengths, identifying areas for employee growth, career planning
  26. Courts have held that ___________ information is too vague to use when making
    performance-based HR decisions
    trait - based
  27. Performance appraisals are a ______________ to challenges to HR decisions (terminations and promotions).
    crucial defense
  28. Graphic-Rating Scale is numeric scores in a variety of performance categories that allow a rater to mark an employee’s performance on a ________________.
  29. Requires the rater to gather and consider
    information from a variety of sources and people. The variety of sources of information outweighs employee disagreement with a single supervisor’s rating.

    (Performance Appraisal Type)
  30. Peer assessments are used for _________________ rather than pay, promotion, etc.
    developmental purposes
  31. Some evaluators rate within a narrow range,
    usually the middle, and move off that base only when extreme behavior requires
    This is an example of what type of rater error?
    Central Tendency
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