1. What is Vp?
    Voltage peak: Either the positive maximum or the negative maximum
  2. What is Vpp?
    Voltage peak to peak: The voltage between the negative peak and the positive peak.

    Sum of both peaks = Vpp= 2vp
  3. W
  4. What does VRMS stand for?
    Voltage Root Means Square
  5. What is VRMS?
    It is a value less than Vp
  6. What is a cycle?
    One positive alteration and one negative alteration
  7. Frequency is?
    the number of cycles completed in a given amount of time
  8. Frequency is measured in?
    Hertz = Hz
  9. What are the characteristics of a Square wave?.
    • 1. Amplitudes
    • 2. Risetime
    • 3. Falltime
    • 4. Pulse width
  10. Resistance is measured in?
    Ohms= R
  11. Capacity is measured in?
    farods= C
  12. Inductance is measured in?
  13. UTP?
    Unshielded twisted pair
  14. STP?
    Shielded twisted pair
  15. Cat 3 has how many wires?
    2 pairs of twisted pair=RJ11
  16. CAT5 Has how many wires?
    4 pairs of twisted wire = RJ45
  17. What is ELF?
    Extremly low frequency= 30-300Hz

    Low end of the human audio range
  18. What is VF?
    Voice frequency= 300-3,000Hz

    Human speech
  19. What is VLF?
    Very low frequency= 9KHz-30KHz

    Higher end of human hearing, musical intruments, government & military: Navy communication
  20. What is LF?
    Low frequency= 30K-300KHz

    Marine and aeronautical
  21. What is MF?
    Medium frequency= 300K-3000KHz
  22. What is HF?
    High frequency= 30M-30MHz

    CB, Amateur radio, Diplomatic communications between embassies
  23. What is VHF?
    Very High frequency= 30MHz-300MHz

    FM radio stations, TV channels 2-13, mobile radio
  24. What is UHF?
    Ultra High frequency=300MHz-3000MHz=3GHz

    UHF TV channels 14-67, cell phones
  25. What is SHF?
    Super high frequency=

    Microwave ovens, statelite radio, and wireless lans
  26. What is EHF?
    Extremely High frequency=30GHz-300GHz

    Satelite communication for telephony, computer data and specialized radar
  27. What are the three types of Optical spectrums?
    • 1. Infared-LED
    • 2. Visible - light, light waves
    • 3. ultraviolet- UV- Generated by sun,flourescent lamps & sun lamps
  28. What does CSMA stand for?
    Carrier sense multiple access collision detect
  29. What is MAC?
    Media Access Control = physical address
  30. What does a Switch do?
    makes frames which are the first to pass data, frame is handled by the NIC
  31. What is a Gateway?
    A device that acts as an entrance to another network
  32. What is XDSL?
    generic name for all DSL technologies
  33. What is ADSL?
    Asymmetric Digital Subline

    9,000-18,000 feet from Centeral office

    Upstream and downstream are different
  34. What is the function of the DSL filter?
    Seperate the low frequency analog signal from the data signal
  35. Where is the DSLAM located?
    Centeral office
  36. The residential gateway functions in what layer of the OSI model?
    Layer Three=Network Layer
  37. What is V=IR
    Ohms law
  38. What is P=VI
    Watts law
  39. What is TCP/IP?
    Transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol

    A set of protocols used to communicate across interconnected networks
  40. WAN?
    Wide area network

    A network that interconnects LANs that span a larger geopgraphical area
  41. X-10?
    A communications protocol that allows compatible home networking products to talk to each other via existing 110-Volt elertical wiring in the home.
  42. NIC?
    Network Interface Card

    A computer circuit board that provides an interface to connect to a network.
  43. What is De-Encapsulation?
    Stripping data packets of addressing information.
  44. What is a MAC address?
    A unique indentifier assinged to the NIC that enable communication between devices.
  45. What is HomePNA
    A technology that uses the existing phone line. The technology supports up to 25devices and delivers a contant 10Mbps, wheter or not phone is in use.
  46. What is watermarks?
    Encryption system used on DVDs to prevent duplication.
  47. PVR
    Personal Video Recorder
  48. What is ANSI/EIA-570-A-3?
    Details for standards-compliant audio cabling.
  49. What does NTSC stand for?
    National Television Standards Committee
  50. What is a composite?
    The most common type of video connector
  51. What is a dedicated signal?
    A signal that is used for a specific purpose.
  52. What is a Distrubed signal?
    A signal that may be channeled for multiple purposes.
  53. What is a component?
    A connector that produces high-quality video output.
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