History Test

  1. What is the definition of an Ecosystem?
    Ecosystem is a community of plants an animals that live together.
  2. Name the 7 ecosystems in Florida.
    Coral Reefs, Dunes, Saltwater Marshes, Hardwood Hammocks, Mangroves, Pinelands, Scrubs.
  3. What determines what type of Ecosystem will exist in a certain area?
    How often fire occurs in an area, changes in elevation, water salinity, and soil type.
  4. What substance makes up coral reefs?
    Calcium Carbonate
  5. What do coral reefs provide a habitat for?
    Thousands of species plants and animals
  6. What type of pollution is a serious problem for coral reefs?
  7. What creates dunes?
  8. What animals nest in the Florida dunes?
  9. Name an exotic plant that is a problem to dunes.
    Brazilian Pepper
  10. Marshes are important because they act for what for the water?
    Natural filters
  11. Name two animals found in the freshwater marshes.
    Alligators and Florida Panthers
  12. What has been happening since the European settlement to freshwater marshes?
  13. What type of trees are found in these hammocks?
    Hardwood Trees; Like Live Oak and Maple
  14. What are epiphytes?
    Air Plants
  15. What has effected the compostition of plants in the hardwood hammock?
  16. What are the names of the three species of mangroves found in Florida?
    Red, Black, and white mangroves
  17. What type of water do mangroves grow in?
  18. What declines when mangroves are destroyed?
    Protected habitats , breeding grounds, nursery areas.
  19. Are Pinelands the most common plant communities in Florida?
  20. What are some of the understory plants commonly found in Pinelands?
    Saw Palmettos, Wildflowers, and Ferns
  21. Why are fires benefincal to Pinelands?
    Yound pine seedlings require lots of sunlight to survive and destroy hardwood competitors.
  22. What type of soil is found in Scrubs?
    poor; sandy soils
  23. Plants that grow in Scrubs have adapted to what type of conditions?
    Dry Conditions
  24. Name a tortoise that has adapted to the desert-like conditions of the Scrubs?
    Gopher Tortoise
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