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  1. coincide
    (v) to be in full agreement, to be the same in nature, character, or function, to happen at the same time
  2. amiss
    (v) faulty, imperfect
  3. Clamor
    (n) a public outcry, any loud or continued noise
  4. gaudy
    (adj) flashy, showy
  5. agitation
    (n) a violent stirring or movement
  6. piecemeal
    (adj) one piece at a time
  7. magnitude
    (n) the great size or importance
  8. innumerable
    (adj) too many to count
  9. reputable
    (adj) well thought of, having a good reputation
  10. havoc
    (n) very great destruction, great confusion or disorder
  11. mull
    (v) to think about ponder
  12. heed
    (v) to pay careful attention to
  13. hospitable
    (adj) offering friendly or generous treatment to guest
  14. timidity
    (n) the state of being easily frighten
  15. adequate
    (adj) sufficent, enough
  16. gala
    (n) a public entertainment marking a special event, a festive occasion
  17. persist
    (v) to continue steadiy in a course of action
  18. entice
    (v) to attract, tempt
  19. lavish
    (adj) overly generous, extragent, abundant
  20. gratitude
    (n) appreciation, thankfulness
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