1. Name 3 living things.
    dog, tree, plant, worm
  2. Name 3 nonliving things.
    jar, shoe, book, rock
  3. Name 3 once living things.
    feather, twig, peanut
  4. What are 4 things animals need to live?
    shelter, water, food, sunlight, air
  5. What part of the plant makes food?
    The LEAVES.
  6. Draw the kind of roots a cactus needs, explain why?
    Cactus have shallow roots so that when it does rain they can quickly absorb the water that does fall.
  7. How does a beaver change his habitat?
    He cuts down trees and builds a dam that makes a pond.
  8. Why do trees disappear? Tell one reason caused by people and one by nature.
    • PEOPLE: cut down trees to build
    • NATURE: lightning can cause fires
  9. Why isn't a desert a good home for a penguin?
    It is hot there and there's no ocean there.
  10. Plants and animals use __________ to live.
  11. The washing away of soil is _________.
  12. _______ protect cactuses from animals, and a beaver builds a home called a ________.
    SPINES protect cactuses and a beaver's home is called a LODGE.
  13. The 3 parts of a plant are called _________, __________, and __________.

    Which part carries water and food to the other parts of the the plant?
    stem, roots and leaves

    STEM carries food to other plant parts.
  14. A _________ helps a bird pick up food.
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